Joe Biden Just Doesn’t Learn, Even His Wife Jill Has to Physically Remove His Hands From Her Waist in Philadelphia (Video)


It appears that even creepy Joe Biden’s wife is sick and tired of his handsy antics.

The candidate’s wife, Jill Biden, physically removed her husband’s hands from her waist a campaign stop in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Biden was speaking at his first major campaign rally since announcing his candidacy when the embarrassing snub occurred.

Thousands attended his event on the Ben Franklin Parkway and watched as he was announced by his wife, before taking the stage to Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom.” The presidential hopeful wrapped his hands around his wife’s waist — and she promptly removed them.


Biden has a long history of inappropriate conduct towards women and children.

Multiple women have come forward and accused Biden of making them uncomfortable with his touching. In response, Biden released a video claiming that social norms have changed and that he will make an effort to do better.

Instead of actually making that effort, however, Biden went on to joke about inappropriately touching children.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Joe Biden, who will be 78 years old on the next Inauguration Day, also talked about his death at the rally.

Author: Papa Mike