Judge Kavanagh

Everybody on the planet knows the Democrats’ game plan in the Kavanaugh issue: stop Trump, resist Trump, stonewall Trump’s nominees’ confirmations, retake the House and Senate so they can impeach Trump, reset to the glory days of Slick Willy and Dingle Barry, make America split again.

The rhetoric and tactics of their undisguised, uncorroborated, unethical smear campaign against a judge who’s been investigated by the FBI (and a left-leaning one at that) 6 times and confirmed by Congress demonstrate even to the NYT and CNN their childish, selfish, anti-Trump agenda.

Their behavior, especially from Senators such as Feinstein, Booker, Harris, and Schumer, recently have exposed the vision they have in mind once they regain power: personal destruction of anyone who disagrees with their agenda and control over the lives, careers, statements, activities, and thoughts of our society.

Ironically, the Me-Too movement, designed and implemented to empower women and give them equal power and status with men in all things, not only allows Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison to abuse and even rape women, but their primary weapon for empowering women allegedly victimized by Republican or conservative men in positions of authority is to define them as frail, untouchable, completely honest and noble people who simply cannot defend themselves.

The movement assumes and even declares through its spokespersons that any allegation of sexual abuse by a non-liberal male has the infallibility of the God’s vicar on earth, and they use their positions as senators to elevate those “victims” to heroine status because no woman would ever lie about a thing like that, unless she’s a conservative like Kellyanne Conway.

Of course once the ill-remembered, unsubstantiated, unreported crime for which time limitations have long since expired are out there on record, they use intimidation, shame, innuendo, rumor, gossip, and exaggeration as well-trained little Sorosians, or perhaps Orwellians, to subdue any dissent and silence any contradictory evidence.

People in positions of leadership, such as Hirono and Coons and Harris, have commandeered unchallenged authority to dictate rules of investigation, evidence, and scheduling for the Senate of the world’s leading free republic, ignoring decades of precedent and standards of conduct for handling accusations.

They demand, they insist, that they have control over which witnesses they will hear, what those witnesses can or cannot say, and how long the harrumphing and hand-wringing will persist so that the media have plenty of opportunity to find people willing to give false witness for big bucks or book deals and then print grossly misleading headlines beyond which readers won’t venture to hear “the rest of the story.”

Sexual assault is not a teenage joke in a yearbook or some guy staring just a little too long at the breasts some young woman has gone to great lengths to enhance or morning-after remorse for going home with a guy when you’re both stoned. And proclaiming innocence, abuse, rape, and assault on social media for those elusive 15 minutes of fame decades later doesn’t make it so either.

The tragedy of all this is that Ford has either convinced herself or allowed herself to be convinced by some unscrupulous psycho-healer or just George Soros’s filthy lucre that she was indeed the victim of something, but nobody will ever be sure of what that actually was or by whom.

And at one time Brett Kavanaugh was very likely a randy, energetic young Irish boy who liked girls and beer and once in a while acted like a privileged young Irish boy who liked girls and beer. He may have made lewd hints or even copped a feel now and then, but all that does is make him a normal young male.

If we’ve learned anything from our dealings with terrorists, it oughta be that when you give terrorists what they want, they take it as a sign of weakness and demand more. What happened in the Senate last week rewarded liberals, who wanted delay of the confirmation of a Trump nominee and threw enough of a tantrum to get it. Now that their childish, illogical, selfish tantrum has given them what they were screaming for, they want more.
The point, of course, is this . . . . .

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple 

Author: Papa Mike


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