Kamala Harris Wants to Federalize Truancy Prosecution



She’s crackers. She keeps coming up with things that are ridiculously unconstitutional and/or not legally kosher. Hard to believe she ever was a lawyer.

Via Free Beacon:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) said that she would bring school truancy under the auspices of the Department of Education if elected president.

Harris has faced backlash for her “tough on truancy” policy while San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general, which led to the arrest of parents whose children missed too many school days. Her recent comments on a liberal podcast suggest that in spite of her stated ambivalence about past enforcement, she would forge ahead in making California’s truancy law America’s truancy law.

Harris’s comments came during an interview with Angela Rye, a lawyer and liberal political commentator. Rye asked Harris if she would “extend the [anti-truancy] program on a federal level, or try to figure out ways to address truancy on a federal level?”

“Yeah,” Harris responded, “but as president it would be really doing it through the Department of Education. I did it through the mechanisms I had, because I wasn’t running the city, I wasn’t running the county. I wasn’t running the state.”

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