Mad Maxipad Waters


Woke up at 0200 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Nothin for it when that happens ‘cept to just get up, brew some mud, and do a brain dump. So guess what’s the first thing I see after I check the weather and click on a blog.

Mad Maxipad Waters. Sheeesh! What the hell is WRONG with that . . . that . . . that oversized trash-talkin rattletrap at the top of a fouled hawsepipe!

Each time she opens her hatch, it spews racist contagion into the atmosphere the rest of us have to breathe. Her gob is a meaningless yap, comparable to rap lyrics of the lowest order, disjointed, hateful . . . . jeeez, I could go on for hours with descriptive adjectives of that piehole.

Mad Maxine has said that Americans are “too dumb to understand the danger that Trump is to the country.” Maxine Waters? Calling people “dumb”? RUSM?? I wonder if she can even spell the word. Goddam race-card-playin, grievance-whorin, camera-hoggin, victim-entitlin, poverty-pimpin, corrupt, fraudulent, nepotistic, blithering, misguided idiot.

She says DJT is dishonorable, a habitual liar, and a con man who is always on the edge of bankruptcy. Without any evidence or polling numbers or proof of any kind, she insists that 70% of the people want him impeached. I doubt seriously if she understands the meaning of the term

Good grief! If ANYbody should be impeached, it’s Maxine Waters, for abuse of public funds and paying her family from taxpayer revenues for no-show jobs if for no other reasons, although mental incapacity does come quickly to mind, as well as impersonating a public servant.

Here’s her logic, not a true quote but pretty close: “Impeach 45! Don’t worry about what specific law to use in the process, just impeach him. There’s not any law that dictates impeachment, just the phrase in the Constitution ‘high crimes and misdeameanors.’ Impeachment is whatever Congress says it is. We define it. So let’s get on with it and impeach him.”

In other words, he’s not female, he’s not a liberal, he’s rich, he’s white, and his wife is a foreigner. What else do we need to know about him for impeachment? She’s as loony as Pelosi, as racist as Sheila Jackson-Lee, as ignorant as Frederica Wilson, and as delusional as Kamala Harris.

Waters would need to double the size of her cerebrum to qualify as a half-wit. She’s been confused ever since she saw a sidewalk sign saying “Walk” and she was riding in a car. So she got out and saw another sign which said “Don’t Walk” and now she doesn’t know what to do.

Reminds me of what my grandfather used to say about dumbass people: couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the sole. Great example of what NOT to elect to Congress.

Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she tried to buy a house on the Home Shopping Network. Heaven help her if she ever sees a truck with the word “Dodge” and another with the word “Ram” on ‘em. Prob’ly break her leg tryin to get out of their way.

Author: Papa Mike


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