Major League Baseball Denies Mets Request To Wear First Responders Hats On 9/11

Via SNY:

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Mets — in defiance of Major League Baseball — played all of their remaining games wearing hats representing all of the different city agencies that were first responders that day.

The Mets have been told no by MLB in the years since about wearing the hats during games on Sept. 11, including in 2011 when they wanted to wear the hats on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

“We’re just trying to keep it consistent,” MLB executive vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre told The Associated Press at the time. “Certainly it’s not a lack of respect. It’s just something we feel is the right thing to do.”

Eight years later, MLB is still refusing to let the Mets wear the hats in-game.

While the Mets wore first responder hats before the game on Wednesday night, they were required to switch to their regular hats for the game itself. Pete Alonso had wanted the team to wear the first responder hats in-game just as they had in the days following the attacks. But he was shut down by MLB.

“Originally I wanted to do some hats for us,” Alonso said after Wednesday night’s game. “I wanted to do custom hats with whatever group of first responders — if someone wanted to do FDNY or Port Authority they had the choice. Unfortunately there’s a lot of red tape with Major League Baseball, and they kind of shot that idea down. I think it’s kind of sad that guys weren’t allowed to — since that day the first game back, they kind of shut it down every year since. I think that’s really unfortunate.”

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