Man Shared A Beer With A Girl Beside Him, Then Watched Her Fall From A Gunshot


A Glimpse Inside The Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room


A man and woman met and shared a beer at the Route 91 Harvest Festival until gunshots rang into the crowd, hitting the woman and causing the man to instantly spring in to help.

Kody Robertson met Michelle Vo Sunday night at the concert in Las Vegas, Nev. The pair hit it off, joked about their mutual love of golf, and discovered that they were both staying at the Luxor Hotel. When the gunfire began and Vo was shot. Robertson immediately covered her as the shots the gunfire continued, killing 58 and injuring more than 500.

Robertson continued to cover Vo as a shield from the bullets until the gunfire stopped and he had the chance to carry her to help, since a bullet had pierced the left side of Vo’s chest. Robertson screamed “wake up” as he performed CPR on Vo, who was no longer responsive. Robertson put Vo in the bed of a pick-up truck that was headed to the hospital.

“She got hit and I turned and saw her immediately fall to the ground,” Robertson told The Washington Post. “She was literally right beside me, maybe two feet away.”

Robertson rushed to the closest hospital and waited for more than an hour before the lockdown ended and people were granted access inside. After speaking with officials and other hospitals, Robertson finally found the hospital Vo was held. Robertson rushed over to Sunrise Hospital in Winchester, Nev., and demanded to see Vo.

“Michelle didn’t make it,” one of the doctors said. “The wounds were too much. She didn’t make it.”

“That’s when it hit me,” Robertson said. “I didn’t really want to talk to anyone.”



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