Michael Cohen Predicts Giuliani Will Flip on Trump: Rudy Would Give Him Up ‘In a Heartbeat’




It takes one to know one, the old saying goes. And if that maxim applies to Donald Trump’s attorneys, the former president might be in trouble.

Speaking with Alisyn Camerota, Michael Cohen — a former Trump attorney — predicted that one of the men who succeeded him, Rudy Giuliani, will eventually do as he did and turn on the ex-president.

“He’s got some real trouble coming down the pike,” Cohen said. “I can assure you on that one.”

Cohen believes the search warrant executed by federal authorities on Wednesday will bear fruit, and end up incriminating Trump.

“There’s going to be a ton of stuff,” Cohen said. “I’m certain of it. There’s going to be a ton of documentation and there’s going to be a bunch of tweets, and a bunch of texts, and a bunch of God knows what else that they ended up obtaining from these devices.”

“Do you think that Donald Trump is scared today?” Camerota asked Cohen.

“I know so,” the former Trump attorney replied.

And as for the idea of Giuliani flipping? Cohen believes it is fait accompli — and Trump knows it.

“Rudy knows that he has trouble,” Cohen said. “I think Donald understands that Rudy will provide whatever information that he has to [attorneys for the Southern District of New York], because Rudy has no interest in going to prison and spending the golden years of his life behind bars. That I’m certain of.”

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