More Black Lives Matter

Eight months into the year, Baltimore’s homicide count has hit 200.

August’s 11th slaying, the fatal shooting of a man Monday, pushed the city’s homicide total to 200 — a dramatic rise from 2014, when the city saw 211 killings for the year. This grim milestone comes on the heels of another: with 45 homicides in July, Baltimore saw its bloodiest month since 1972.

Killings began to spike dramatically in May, with 42 in a single month. There was a brief dip in June, with 29, then another rise in July. The uptick comes after rioting in the spring over the death of Freddie Gray, the black man critically injured in police custody.

The rise has prompted interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis to form a task force with 10 federal agents imbedded with homicide detectives.

Well what do you expect when the mayor demonized the police for doing their job and taking a convicted drug peddler, who is now yet another canonized black saint, off the streets? You don’t want the cops to enforce the law? You want to give feral blacks “room to loot and destroy”? This is what you get. I hope you’re happy madame mayor. By the way, most of these people getting murdered are black. Black Lives Matter. Yep. They sure do don’t they?

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple

Author: Papa Mike