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  1. I have a question for people who believe 2014 is different than 2017. Genuine, too, not a “well what about THIS! kind of question. On February 10, 2014 Mt Gox announced they were dealing with bugs regarding withdrawing bitcoin. This confirmed many fears of them being insolvent/having lost some of their bitcoin and a flash crash to ~$340 occurred. Their ATH was ~$1150 on on 11-29-2013 and basically again on 12-04-2013. two months before a crash to almost exactly 30% of ATH. we hit $5900 on 2-05-2018, ATH $19900 12-17-2017. about two months before a dump to almost exactly 30% of ATH. If 2014 crash to 30% of ATH was caused by gox, what was the reason for ours? We”ve not had more than a 40% retracement since quite literally before the ATL of the two year bear market. That means in the entire bull run since January 13th, 2015, every single correction dumped no more than down to 60% of each local high (and, past $1150, these local highs were ATHS) We hit 30% of ATH. A *70%* retracement. Imagine if, during the s2x correction, we went from $7800 to $2340 a month and a half later. Would you really believe it was just a correction? $5000 to $1500? $3000 to $900? If 2014 is so different from now, why did we hit a such a drastic low on no bad news? We have higher liquidity, more investors, more mania, and more public awareness. Why, then? Justrandom? I really am genuinely curious. I”m sorry if I keep spamming the daily with my skepticism but I am just curious and want to believe.

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