Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care To Talk About How Large Her “Crumbs” Are


In case you missed it, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is on a whirlwind national tour right now, making more than 100 stops around the nation to “educate” people on why the recent GOP tax cuts are such a terrible deal for less affluent Americans. This seems like a case of rather odd timing, particularly when you consider that even the New York Times was forced to concede this week that the country is, by and large, enjoying the results quite a bit. Perhaps Pelosi missed that or she may just be doing her best to fight the wave of approval with some opposition messaging.

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During her stop in Phoenix, however, the hypocrisy on display became a bit too much for some in the crowd. Pelosi decided to lecture the audience on the evils of excessive wealth, invoking Martin Luther King Jr. to preach about God’s intentions regarding personal wealth. That might have been an inspirational moment in the right setting and coming from an appropriate speaker. But as at least some hecklers in the audience realized, they probably should have found somebody with at least a smaller collection of mansions to deliver it. (Washington Times)

House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s net worth was off limits Tuesday during a town hall meeting in which she cited Martin Luther King Jr. to condemn “inordinate wealth.”

After being asked about her net worth, Pelosi quickly shouted down the questioner, claiming that as a mother of five, she “can speak louder than anybody.” Here’s the too-good-to-miss video


You can say one thing for all of those rich Republicans at least. They’re generally neither shy nor apologetic about being successful. When Mitt Romney was hit on the campaign trail over his wealth, he simply told the country that he wanted them to have the chance to be just as well off.

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