Neil Cavuto: Gas Prices Aren’t Rising – The Dollar Is Falling

Despite record gas prices Democrats killed another Arctic drilling project this month. This came after Obama’s recent move to reject the Keystone pipeline project. US gas prices at the pump have doubled since Obama took office.

Gas Buddy

Neil Cavuto blames high gas prices not so much on Obama’s failed energy policies as on his failed economic policies and record spending.
Your World reported, via Lucianne:

Enough. This whole, blame the evil oil companies for this gas spiral. Enough. People who know better sounding like they have brains made out of butter. I’ve heard the prattling on, now time for some basic facts to sink in. Gas prices aren’t rising. The dollar is falling. Let me explain that. Oil is priced in dollars. Dollars are getting cheaper. It takes more of them to buy oil. So oil gets more expensive. Gas gets more expensive. Traders can gun that. Some can try and capitalize on that. Make bets on that. But that….is that. Finite product.

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