New Books That Dig Into The Crimes We All Saw Trump Commit.


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As if living through 2020 wasn’t enough, now we have to read about it. Seriously, though, some of these books about Trump and the pandemic are actually worth the pain.


In his I Alone exit interview, the 45th president goes from trashing Doctors Anthony Fauci (“a highly overrated person”) and Deborah Birx (“A real diva with the scarves and shit”) to boasting that “You have people that have never been stars before and all of a sudden The Washington Post is calling, New York Times is calling. CNN would love to have lunch with you. You are a regular person” who wouldn’t be getting these calls in the Carter or Bush administration, he continues, but “With Trump, everybody becomes a star. I’m the greatest star-maker in history.”


And when you’re a star, I hear, they let you do it, even when doing it is spilling tea to the Washington Post or The Daily Beast or a book author about the administration you’ve worked in and how dumb and dysfunctional everyone else was. Trump has a second point he was trying to make with that boast, Leonnig and Rucker write:

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