Do you need a water cooler topic to share with the BFF’s today, or maybe some…beforehand conversation for that mandatory Monday meeting, how about diner topics to discuss with family and/or kids??? There’s no Drugs or Domestic Abuse in this story, no Preachers trying to out-do one another, no dramatic singing or fancy ‘say it isn’t so’ headlines,  this was not about Limo’s and 10 Thousand Dollar Tux’s…how about some Military News!

Everyone likes a good Hero story, this one is just missing the happy ending, and for these Families that were affected by this tragic crash, being proud of who your Friends with, married too, or the Son you raised, these emotions wont bring the fallen back to us.  You will now seek comfort from your Friends and Family, and the Citizens of this Country, that your loved ones fought and died for!

Did you hear about the US Plane Crash in Africa Saturday, February 18, 2012.  The United States lost Four Men, they were not members of any Academy Awards, nor golden Globes or Platinum Records, but they were members of OPERATION ENDURING your FREEDOM,  fighting for way more than any Award or Record Deal.  Please show your appreciation to these fallen Hero’s, I hope you will give these News Articles {{{below}}} a few minutes of your time, and please forward this to your email list.

I learned about this from a Friend of mine (KH), this tragedy happen to his niece.  Her Husband is Nick Whitlock.  I don’t know if your tired of reading/hearing about the famous, but this is the news our Social Media should be filling you up with for the next few weeks.  Thanks to these guys…for making it possible for me to be able to send this to you, we should all be thankful for your sacrifice.  I wanted to give my public THANK YOU, hero’s:

 ***Capt. Nicholas Whitlock,

***Capt. Ryan P. Hall,

***1st Lt. Justin J. Wilkens,

***Senior Airman Julian S. Scholten.

My prayers go out to you Ashley Whitlock, your family, and the rest of these Hero’s Families. I owe you my best efforts, to have every person that has email, and that is able to breathe the freedom your husband fought for, to know your names before this day end!

PS. May this News spread as FAST as a few fallen’ Singers and/or Actors, please click below and share these stories  If your News Media, and would like more information on what your should be covering [[[this tragic accident]]], please contact the Air Force 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs Office at 850-884-8100.

Courage, Loyalty, and Honor, for those above, who unwittingly turn pain and suffering into freedom….otherwise know as sacrifice, so we can enjoy Freedom, the ability to sing a Whitney tune outside in a public place, or something as simple as the fact we don’t use Peacock Feathers to pay for things, please take the time to realize why!

Capt Nicholas S. Whitlock

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