OUCH! Trump Torches Second Reporter – Wags His Finger at Her – For Asking Kavanaugh Question at Historic Trade Presser (VIDEO)


President Trump is on a roll!

On Monday, President Trump announced a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

The new agreement — the USMCA — will replace NAFTA the former agreement signed by Bill Clinton that resulted in the elimination of millions and millions of US jobs.

The liberal reporters couldn’t stay on topic about trade, they wanted to ask questions about Kavanaugh–so President Trump put them in their places.

President Trump scolded one reporter for asking questions about Kavanaugh–then another snarky reporter stepped up-it didn’t go well for her.

A reporter tried to turn the questioning to Judge Kavanaugh–Trump interrupted her and said, “Excuse me! Do you have a question on trade?” the reporter continued to push back so Trump interrupted her again and said, “Ok don’t do that–that’s not nice.”

Excuse me! Don’t do that!” Trump said to the defiant reporter wagging his finger.

President Trump got fed up with the reporter, completely ignored her question about Judge Kavanaugh and called on someone else, demanding the microphone be given to the next reporter.



Author: Papa Mike


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