Our Allies Don’t Trust Us And Our Enemies Laugh At Us

Didja see the latest insult to us in China? The Chinese forced Obungler to exit the rear of Air Force One. Every other leader got the red carpet treatment. Not so Prez Hussein. Why should they respect him? They know him for the empty suit that he is. They see that over the past 7.5 years he has weakened the US. He has bowed to world leaders like a servant rather than the most powerful man in the world. He has been taken to the cleaners in international agreements. Exhibit One: The Iranian deal. The Iranians pretty much got everything they wanted. Sanctions dropped. $1.9 billion to spend sponsoring terrorism. Last but not least, $400 million ransom to release four Americans.

He tried to do a stare down with Putin. Yeah Putin was shaking in his boots. Like he really worries about this pussy.

Now, we have Iranian speedboats playing chicken with our Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf. Raghead savages in speedboats forcing the most powerful Navy in the world to avoid them rather than the other way around. You just know that they have been ordered to veer off. This is bullshit! The savages in the speedboats gotta be laughing their asses off about this. I’m sure glad I’m not in the Navy on one of our ships that is putting up with this crap. How humiliating. This is on top of the humiliation of having our sailors taken prisoners by the Iranians a while back. This is the United States under Obongo. Our enemies laugh at us and push us around. We should be holding our course and if the speedboats don’t move, let them get run over.

So why wouldn’t the Chinese decide to humiliate Oboner? Why not? He lets a pissant little country like Iran push us around. What’s he gonna do to the Chinese? He’s gonna take it. The only people Obooger can push around are Republicans.


SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple

Author: Papa Mike