Google Knows EVERYTHING!

Is this Gordon’s Pizza?
No sir, it’s Google Pizza.
I must have dialed a wrong number. Sorry.
No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month.
OK. I would like to order a pizza.
Do you want your usual, sir?
My usual? You know me?
According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust.
OK! That’s what I want …
May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and olives on a whole wheat gluten-free thin crust?
What? I detest vegetables!
Your cholesterol is not good, sir.
How the hell do you know!
Well, we cross-referenced your home phone number with your medical records. We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7 years.
Okay, but I do not want your rotten vegetable pizza! I already take medication for my cholesterol.
Excuse me sir, but you have not taken your medication regularly. According to our database, you only purchased a box of 30 cholesterol tablets once, at Drug RX Network, 4 months ago.
I bought more from another drugstore
That doesn’t show on your credit card statement.
I paid in cash.
But you did not withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement.
I have other sources of cash.
That doesn’t show on your last tax return unless you bought them using an undeclared income source, which is against the law.
I’m sorry, sir, we use such information only with the sole intention of helping you.
Enough already! I’m sick to death of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all the others. I’m going to an island without internet, cable TV, where there is no cell phone service and no one to watch me or spy on me.
I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport first. It expired 6 weeks ago…



2018 Gun Laws – State by State



Gun laws in the US vary considerably between states. The majority of legislation relating to guns is enacted at the state level and these laws are independent of Federal firearms laws. This has resulted in a broad variation of gun laws in all the US states with each state taking a different approach on issues such as permits, carry laws, sales, and self-defense laws. Click on “MORE” below to see what your state allows.


Maxine Waters Says She’s Faced Increased Threats, Cancels Attending 2 Events

Ha!ha! Ha! Now that is surely the sound of a sword cutting both ways! Too funny you ignoramus.

(CNN)  Rep. Maxine Waters said Thursday she’s seen an increase in threats since she made controversial comments last week encouraging protesters to heckle and harass members of Trump’s Cabinet in public spaces.

The California Democrat canceled two scheduled appearances in Alabama and Texas this weekend after saying she got threatening messages and “hostile mail” at her office, including “one very serious death threat” on Monday from an individual in Texas.
“As the President has continued to lie and falsely claim that I encouraged people to assault his supporters, while also offering a veiled threat that I should ‘be careful’, even more individuals are leaving (threatening) messages and sending hostile mail to my office,” she said in a statement.
“There was one very serious death threat made against me on Monday from an individual in Texas which is why my planned speaking engagements in Texas and Alabama were cancelled (sic) this weekend,” she continued. “This is just one in several very serious threats the United States Capitol Police are investigating in which individuals threatened to shoot, lynch, or cause me serious bodily harm.”
Reached for comment, a spokeswoman for the US Capitol Police said they do not comment on ongoing investigations.

LIBERALS AT IT AGAIN!…..Misleading AP Headline Suggests Army Discharging Immigrants For Being Immigrants, Left Flips Out

Actually, a small number were not being accepted for failure to pass background checks. And Obama was responsible for screwing up the program.

Via Daily Caller:

On Thursday, The Associated Press published a story with a headline that read, “US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits.” That headline was quickly met with outrage — but the story itself isn’t anything new.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called the move “disappointing.”

Film producer Adam Best claimed that the recruits were being discharged because they were immigrants.

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Democrats’ 2018 Slogan Is A “Godsend” For Republicans

Ignorance, Lawlessness, And Open Borders!! 


Protection, which operates Border Patrol, to arrest foreign nationals crossing the southern border illegally. Democrats calls to “abolish ICE” for separating families at the border illustrate their ignorance of the very laws they wish to ignore.

But while Democrats are frequently wrong, they’re never in doubt. They may not know what ICE does, but their demand to abolish it highlights their increasing lawlessness. In recent weeks, a major Democrat lawmaker has openly called for mob terror against Republican officials. Left-wing commentators and activists within such movements as Black Lives Matter have suggested abolishing the police—whatever that means. The New York Democratic Socialists of America, of which Democrat congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a member, recently declared, “Abolish ICE. Abolish prisons. Abolish cash bail. Abolish borders.” By taking aim at law enforcement per se, Democrats offer a vision of America governed not by duly enacted law passed by representative institutions but rather a country governed by the caprices and prejudices of men, popular sovereignty be damned.

Finally, beyond the idiocy and the lawlessness, “abolish ICE” means open borders — a radical policy opposed by virtually every voting demographic. According to a YouGov poll from late June, Americans strongly favor tougher immigration enforcement, with just 19% of respondents approving of the Obama administration’s policy of “catch and release” for families crossing the border illegally. Even among Democrats, a full 70% opposed catch-and-release, and nearly half of all Democrats expressed support for detaining entire families throughout deportation hearings.

Republicans Couldn’t Have Crafted a Better DIMocrats Campaign Platform If We Tried.

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Poll: Majority Of Americans Oppose DIMocrat Plans To Abolish ICE…



Via Rasmussen:

A growing number of Democrats are calling for abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, but even among voters in their own party, there’s not much support for the idea. Maybe that’s because voters think the government needs to be even more aggressive in deporting illegal immigrants.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 25% of Likely U.S. Voters favor getting rid of ICE whose duties include border control. Fifty-five percent (55%) are opposed. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided.

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republicans and 53% of voters not affiliated with either major political party oppose getting rid of ICE. Democrats agree by a narrower 44% to 36% margin.

Thirty-three percent (33%) of all voters believe the U.S. government is too aggressive in deporting those who are in this country illegally. But a plurality (46%) disagrees and says the government isn’t aggressive enough. Just 13% consider the current number of deportations as about right.

Infamous ISIS Executioner Killed In Firefight With US-Backed Forces In Syria…



Via Daily Star:

Abu Talha al Turki was living with a $320,000 (£240,000) bounty on his head after his role in a horrific execution of two Turkish soldiers.

The terror kingpin had been placed on the Turkish police’s “Blue List” of most wanted fugitives.

Al Turki appeared in a sick video in 2016 burning alive two soldiers as they stood chained to a stake.

The terrorist appeared wearing all black and carrying a machine gun and was the one who ignited the fire using a detonator.

Flames then made their way up the chains which were tied to the two men – doused in fuel – and burned them to death.

Al Turki was killed last month in a firefight with US-backed Syrian Defense Forces (SDF).

He crossed into the Syria in February 2016 and is believed to have been linked to an ISIS cell based in Turkey.

Why Waking Up In a Morgue Isn’t Quite As Unusual As You’d Think


There are many reasons why what is seemingly someone’s last breath is just the first stage of a process that doesn’t always end in death

In Poland, a 91-year-old woman has shocked her family – and the public at large – by waking up in a morgue after being refrigerated having been declared dead. Despite 11 hours of cold storage, Janina Kolkiewicz was discovered to be alive and well after mortuary staff detected movements in her body bag. Speaking as an anatomical pathology technologist (or mortuary technician) I can thankfully say that has never happened to me when I’ve been on duty.

But it does happen.

In January this year a 24-year-old Kenyan man, Paul Mutora, was pronounced dead after swallowing insecticide; 15 hours later he woke up in a morgue, causing staff to “take to their heels, screaming”. In March, Walter Williams, a 78-year-old man, was found alive and literally kicking in a body bag at a funeral home in Mississippi. The discovery came as staff were preparing to embalm his body, so he was just spared the gruesome fate of having an artery sliced open and his blood replaced with formaldehyde to preserve his tissues – a process I’m certain some Hollywood stars will eventually adopt in order to stay youthful.

Williams had been declared dead as he had “no pulse”, but it was just a few hours later that he began kicking in the embalming room, causing staff to immediately call an ambulance.

So how does it happen? In Mutora’s case it was thought that the atropine he was given by medical staff to counteract the insecticide may have made him appear dead (it slows heart rate). With Williams, meanwhile, much has been made of the fact that the coroner who pronounced him dead, Dexter Howard, was an elected official who didn’t have a medical degree, as is the case in many US states. UK coroners may also have a medical or law degree, but the difference is they don’t have the power to pronounce people dead. That is left to medically trained staff – and for good reason.

Even within the medical community there is debate over what really constitutes death, and it is seen less as a single event and more as a process. It involves several different mechanisms ceasing, not just one, which is why there can be ethical arguments around brain stem death – when the person is in fact deceased but their tissues can be artificially kept alive.

When the heart, for whatever reason, stops beating, the tissues it services are deprived of both oxygen and glucose, and are subject to a build-up of toxic waste products. This gradually kills the cells. When enough of them die there is major organ failure and the body as a whole is said to be dead. The delicate cells of the brain are particularly susceptible to a lack of oxygen (anoxia) and they will usually begin to die in around four to six minutes.

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Trump Sends Fewer Mexicans Home Despite Deportation Talk

President Donald Trump sent 26 percent fewer Mexicans back home this year through November than Barack Obama did in the same period in 2016, despite vows to crack down on illegal immigration, Mexican government data show.

About 152,000 Mexican nationals were repatriated from the U.S. between January and November, according to data from Mexico’s Interior Ministry that were first reported by Milenio newspaper. That compares with just under 205,000 in the first 11 months of 2016.

Trump, who took office Jan. 20, has vowed to expel potentially millions of undocumented immigrants and to build a wall along the Mexican border. He also ended, at least temporarily, Obama-era protections against deportation of people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Officials at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pointed to their statistics when asked for comment.


On Fourth Of July, US Cities Celebrate America’s Newest Citizens

It’s sure nice for a change  watching people becoming U.S. Citizens the “RIGHT” way instead of SNEAKING in across our Southern border and then once here they DEMAND it!!…………Papa Mike

This Fourth of July, nearly 14,000 immigrants become America’s newest citizens, swearing the oath of allegiance at 27 naturalization ceremonies across the nation that coincide with the country’s 242nd birthday and the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

“When oath ceremonies are tied to the Fourth of July, it’s a message that immigrants believe in this country. It’s a beautiful and emotional thing,” Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the National Partnership for New Americans, said. “United nations, from Albania to Yemen, are represented in the ceremonies.”

Hoyt added that NPNA believes “naturalization is good for the immigrants, their communities, and our nation,” while contributing to “higher incomes” and “social cohesion.”

Wednesday’s ceremonies come on the heels of a July 2 report from NPNA claiming an 88% increase in the backlog of U.S. citizenship applicationssince 2015, in addition to an ongoing immigration crisis that’s drawn nationwide protest.

The number of people becoming citizens between June 28 and July 10 marks a slight decrease from last year, when nearly 15,000 people took the oath, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, but a sharp increase from 2016, when about 7,000 did so during the same time period.

Cities honor new citizens on Independence Day

Cities participating in Fourth of July citizenship festivities include Philadelphia, Denver, and Tucson – each with its own tradition to celebrate America’s newest citizens.