This Alone Should Be Grounds For Obama To Be “IMPEACHED”


Stunning=> OBAMA Invites Criminals and Riot Leaders to DC to Lecture Cops on Racism?????? 


SOURCE: Jim Hoft With The Gareway Pundit Jul 16th, 2016

Barack Obama held a town hall meeting in Washington DC on Thursday to discuss race relations in America and to lecture racist cops.

The event was broadcast on ABC and ESPN(?)
Barack Obama invited race activists, police, community organizers… and criminals to the event.

The president’s town hall drew less viewers than Bit Brother!

20 year-old Ferguson activist Rasheen Aldridge was sitting in the first row at the town hall event.

Rasheen met with Barack Obama in December 2014 at the White House to discuss Ferguson. He was the president’s guest. No Ferguson business owners or Ferguson police officers were invited to the publicized event.


In September 2014 Rasheed tweeted out the Ferguson police chief’s Social Security Number.


After his meeting with Obama Rasheen Aldridge was charged with assaulting a security guard at St. Louis City Hall.

Also in attendance on Thursday night was robber Mike Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden.
McSpadden and her boyfriend instigated a riot in November 2014 after a grand jury failed to indict a police officer who shot her son.
McSpadden and her boyfriend pushed the crowd to “Burn this b*tch down.”


And they did.
The rioters destroyed the business district in Ferguson that night costing the community millions of dollars of damage.

Then there’s this…
In October 2014 Michael Brown’s mother, grandmother and auntie brawled on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant over the rights to T-shirt sales. Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden reportedly assaulted and robbed grandmother Pearlie Gordon of $1,400.




For her stellar community activism Barack Obama invited McSpadden to Washington DC to LECTURE POLICE ON RACE RELATIONS!

Former New Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz: There Will Be Violence in Cleveland (Video)


SOURCE:. Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit Jul 16th, 2016

Malik Shabazz, the former New Black Panther leader, told FOX News on Saturday – There will be violence in Cleveland.

Shabazz told Mike Tobin there is no way Cleveland will get through this convention without some kind of violence.

“Malik Shabazz: From what I know many of the groups on the left, mainly the white left, ( you did notice how CONVIENTLY he didn’t use the word “BLACKS”….PapavMike ) and others, I know for a fact that there’s going to be the blocking of highways and there’s going to be arrests and there’s going to be some things. I hear, that’s going to go on next week. It’s highly likely there’s going to be arrests, there’s going to be tear gas. It’s going to be happening.

Man In Black Lives Matter T-Shirt, Accused Of Firing At Indianapolis Police Officer’s Home And Car, Had History Of Threatening To Kill Police


Via Indystar:

A man accused of firing at least 15 shots at an Indianapolis police officer’s home and squad car told a judge that he wants his trial moved out of Marion County.

“I would like a change of venue,” March Ratney told Marion Superior Court Commissioner James Snyder during a hearing Friday. “I don’t feel like I’m going to get a fair trial with all the media reporting my background. That’s all they got is my background.”

Snyder, who moments before had appointed public defender Mason Riley to the case, told Ratney that was a “good issue” to raise when he meets with his attorney.

Police say Ratney, 27, went to the east-side home of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer early Tuesday and fired more than a dozen shots at the officer’s home and car.

The officer, a 10-year veteran of the force, was home after working a night shift when a bullet whizzed near the window about 2:25 a.m., police said. His wife and child were asleep. No one was injured.

The shooting came just days after a sniper shot and killed five Dallas police officers.

Ratney was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and criminal recklessness. Prosecutors could pursue a habitual offender enhancement because of Ratney’s criminal record.

Ratney’s criminal past has been the subject of reports in IndyStar and other media.

A week before police say he fired shots at the officer’s home, Ratney told his parole officer that “you cops are the devil,” according to court documents.

Ratney, prosecutors say, has made repeated threats to law enforcement officers.

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Police Officer Rescues Dog Hanging From His Leash in Walmart Parking Lot

imageI will have an update to this story when the prosecutor gets off his ass and decides to do the right thing and puts the person responsible for allowing this little puppy to jump out the open window and hang himself, IN JAIL WHERE HE OR SHE BELONGS… 
Don’t be surprised if they decide to “plea this DOWN” to a Parking Ticket and he walks FREE!  I was a Baillif in Municipal Court and have seen things like this, and worse, done on a regular basis……Papa Mike



From HuckFunn: Feel good story of the day. Looks like a dachshund puppy. #Puppylivesmatter

Via KSN:

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Arkansas City police came to the rescue of a dog on Friday. Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Officer Wade Hammond were at the Walmart Store at 2701 North Summit for a shoplifting case.

A worker at the store notified police that a dog was hanging by his leash outside of a truck. Police quickly responded and saw that the dog had essentially hung himself from the leash.

Sergeant Legleiter used his patrol duty knife to cut the dog down. Officer Hammond began tending to the dog’s care.

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Old Man Fooled All Of Them!..VIDEO

If you’ve ever wondered what Old Man Strength looks like take a look at Grandpa throwing some weight around Muscle Beach in California. The younger bodybuilders can’t believe how strong grandpa is and they are trying to figure out what the secret to his amazing strength is. If they knew that Grandpa was really Kenneth Leverich, a top Crossfit competitor in SoCal and a former Junior Olympic weightlifter then they would probably still be impressed to be lifting with him. I could use some old man strength.

Black Lives Matter Spreads to South Africa



The Black Lives Matter sensation has been exported abroad:

Terrorist hate-group Black Lives Matter surrogates marches to the US Consulate with mass mobilisation.

The march was in Khayelitsha.

One black male displayed a hand-written poster calling to “Kill All Whites”.

In the USA, BLM protesters usually limit themselves to demanding the murder of police officers. But social justice rhetoric is a little more advanced in South Africa, presumably for demographic reasons.

SOURCE: Moonbattery