The Oscars Ripped Conservative Values All Night — Here’s How Many Jokes Were Made About Harvey Weinstein


Time’s Up on that cause.

Via Daily Caller:

  • Sunday’s Oscars posted historic lows in ratings.

The rather uneventful show featured host Jimmy Kimmel and various actors and actresses lobbing jokes at the conservative worldview and the Trump administration.

The opening sequence highlighted actress Lupita Nyong’o heritage and joked about how the president would tweet about it from his toilet. “The stunning Lupita Nyong’o. She was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya. Let the tweet storm from the president’s toilet begin,” the announcer said to laughs from the glittery crowd.

Kimmel took the stage and joked that Trump thought the movie “Get Out” was “the best first three-quarters of a movie this year.” The premise of “Get Out” involves white people entrapping and auctioning off black people to supplant their consciousnesses into.

Kimmel said the movie “Call Me by Your Name,” which is a film about a romance between a grown man and a 17-year old boy, was made to piss off Vice President Mike Pence. “We don’t make films for money,” Kimmel said, “We make them to upset Mike Pence. Right?”

Kimmel told the celebrities that they should encourage viewers to “join the amazing students from Parkland at their March on the 24th” in their thank-you speeches. Other speakers complimented the DREAMers and criticized Trump’s plan to build a borer wall. A song was sang during the performance that featured these progressive lyrics:

♪ On Oscar night this is the dream we tell a land where dreamers live and freedom dwells ♪
♪ immigrants get the benefits we put up monuments for the feminists ♪
♪ tell the NRA ♪
♪ they in god’s way ♪
♪ and to the people of parkland we say ♪
♪ sentiments of love for the people from Africa Haiti to Puerto Rico ♪
♪ you can have all the money in your hands all the possessions ♪
♪ anyone can ever have but it’s all worthless treasure ♪
♪ true worth is only measured not by what you got ♪
♪ but what you got in your heart ♪

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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Divisive,’ Politically Charged Oscars Could Be Least Watched In History


Have they learned anything yet?

Via Fox News:

Jimmy Kimmel claimed he was keeping this year’s Oscars positive, but the ratings were anything but.

The politically charged 2018 Academy Awards were down 15.6 percent compared to the 2017 viewership with an 18.9 rating in Nielsen’s overnight numbers from 8-11 p.m. ET, according to TheWrap.

The sharp decline marks what could become the lowest-rated Oscars of all time on a night when host Jimmy Kimmel and the crowd of Hollywood elite focused on diversity, feminism and political issues as much as it focused on the films being honored.

The lack of high-wattage stars in the major categories, as well as a ho-hum slate of films when it came to box office receipts, may have also been a factor.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News viewers shouldn’t be surprised that the show turned political and featured “divisive, left-wing politics” throughout the four-hour event.

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Florida Teacher ‘Removed From Classroom’ After Alleged White-Nationalist Podcast


A Florida middle school teacher was “removed” from classroom duties on Sunday after she was accused of hosting a secret white-nationalist podcast in which she allegedly bragged about touting her beliefs in the classroom, authorities said.

The Citrus County School District in northern Florida said it is investigating a Huffington post report that claimed Dayanna Volitich, a 25-year-old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School, had hosted the under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov.”

The district did not mention Volitich by name, but it said it became aware of “a concerning podcast” on Friday when it was contacted by a Huffington Post reporter, according to a statement released Sunday. The district said it launched the investigation immediately.

“The reporter indicated they believed one of the persons participating in the podcast was a teacher at Crystal River Middle School,” Superintendent Sandra Himmel said in the statement. “The teacher has been removed from the classroom and the investigation is ongoing.”

“Pursuant to Florida Statute an open investigation and materials related to it are exempt from public record and cannot be discussed until the investigation is complete,” Himmel added.

In its Friday report, the Huffington Post cited evidence including photographs, location information, occupation and age, that is said indicated that Volitich and Dalichov, the host of the “Unapologetic” podcast, were the same person.

In one of the podcasts, the host talks about putting on a “dog and pony show” for administrators during her first year when it came to teaching certain curriculum. In previous episodes, the host said Muslims should be eradicated from the earth.

“I get to talk about topics that people don’t like to talk about. They don’t want to be seen as a bigot, racist, whatever you want to call it. I honestly don’t care,” the host said in one clip.

ABC affiliate WFTS said it stopped by Volitich’s apartment to talk with her, but no one answered the door. A neighbor told WFTS that he recognized a photo of her, but said he rarely spoke with her.


Dog Caper Causes Chaos on Freeway

Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers chase a dog down the I-17 freeway in North Phoenix (Arizona) on February 28, 2018. After escaping multiple times, the dog was eventually caught in a nearby mobile home park.


High School Teacher Suspended For Saying He Supports Teachers Being Armed


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO TIMOTHY LOCK’S FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF “FREEDOM OF SPEACH”? Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation or censorship!!!……….Papa Mike

History teacher Timothy Lock said he supported teachers being armed.

For that, he was suspended????

From Daily Caller:

A New Jersey high school teacher has been suspended from his job for expressing support for arming teachers after the Parkland school shooting.

Cherry Hill High School history teacher Timothy Lock, 59, said he was placed on administrative leave last week because he spoke out in one of his classes about arming teachers and ramping up school security to try and prevent a school shooting.

Most of the students reportedly didn’t have a problem with Lock’s comments, but one decided to report him to the administration. His bag was searched and he was required to undergo a physical and psychological exam.

More from Philly:

“All I have ever done for that school is for my students and for their parents,” Locke said.

Locke said he has mentioned in the past that Cherry Hill East has been compared to Columbine, based on demographics, something the New York Times pointed out in 2000. He also voiced concerns about the lack of armed police officers in the school.

Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan said the two officers stationed at the school work for the school district, not his department. Locke and several students said the two officers, listed as “campus police” on the school’s website, are not armed.

What is happening in this nation?

Wasn’t all this liberal nonsense supposed to end on November 8, 2016?

Gun Owners In America Need To Quit Turning The Other Cheek


I for one, have had enough of these rabid Anti Gunners and their relentless attacks on not only myself as a gun owner but on every other decent American who owns a gun and has done absolutely nothing wrong.

Get ready for some return fire.

You sanctimonious loud mouths want to use the media and Big Business to beat up on law-abiding citizens to further your political agendas?

How about we show you a little something called Economic Warfare?

It is way past time for every law-abiding gun owner in this country to get serious about where they spend their money.

If you know of a business that has gone out of their way to let you know that they are anti gun then return the favor and let them know that you won’t be spending one thin dime on any product or service they provide and most importantly, why.

No car rentals from these people, no staying at their hotels, no eating in their restaurants, no buying their clothes, nothing.

Trust me, most companies have a very slim profit margin and are acutely attentive to sudden drop offs in income.

At the same time, go out of your way to do business with gun friendly businesses.

You have friends, tell them to do the same thing.

There are over 100 million gun owners in this country.

That is 1/3 of the total population in this country alone and that is serious buying power.

It is also serious political power.

Just because we don’t have mass media available to spread the word doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Word of mouth and peer to peer messaging is still very effective.

Spread the word that enough is enough and that you are tired of being harangued and punished for things you didn’t do.

Sick and tired of ignorant people wanting to restrict your God given right to protect yourself because of what some mentally ill maniac did clear across the country that you had nothing to do with.

Start an Email chain or pass one on that is already going around.

Pass a link to this Blog post or Email it to a friend.

If your elected representative is anti gun then make sure they know that you will be supporting their opponent and why.

Enough is enough, these people need a math lesson they will never forget.

It’s time to show them that their bully tactics and their propaganda comes at a price.

The price of doing business.

Two MS-13 Members In U.S. Illegally Accused Of Kidnapping 3 Girls, Killing 1 In A Satanic Ritual


Horrific. The evil in the eyes.

Via LA Times:

Two MS-13 gang members from El Salvador, both in the United States illegally, held three teenage girls against their will and killed one of them in what was described as a satanic ritual, authorities in Houston said Friday.

Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, have been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder — both first-degree felonies punishable by up to life in prison. Bond has been set at $300,000 for each, but immigration detainers will keep both behind bars.

The 15-year-old girl’s body was found Feb. 16 with gunshot wounds to the face and chest. Homicide detective Sgt. Chris Sturdivant said that the girl’s identity has not been officially determined but that investigators are confident they know who she is — a girl reported missing in January in nearby Jersey Village, Texas.

The captives were three “young, impressionable women” ranging in age from 14 to 16 who succumbed to the allure of gang life before being taken to an apartment and held there against their will, Sturdivant said. The 14-year-old girl told investigators that they were fed drugs and alcohol and forced to have sex.

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SOURCE: Weasel Zippers 

Illegal Alien Assumes American’s Identity For 37 Years, Steals $361,000 In Government Benefits


Taking benefits away from hard working Americans.

Via San Diego Union Tribune:

It started as a rather straightforward Social Security fraud investigation — a man receiving disability benefits pretending to live in the United States when in fact he lived in Tijuana.

What authorities uncovered was a 37-year identity theft scheme by an unauthorized immigrant and repeat felon who bilked federal, state and local governments out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits, according to a plea agreement entered in San Diego federal court this week.

Andres Avelino Anduaga — if that’s even his real name — admitted to assuming the identity of a U.S. citizen in 1980. Armed with a fake birth certificate, he developed a seemingly legitimate persona by applying for a California driver’s license, Social Security number and U.S. passport.

The official documents identified him as Abraham Riojos, born in Alpine, Texas, in 1958.

The documents allowed him to move freely between Mexico and the U.S., and also to receive nearly $361,000 in government benefits over the years.

On Thursday, Anduaga, 66, pleaded guilty to theft of public property and being a previously removed unauthorized immigrant in the U.S.

He has agreed to pay back to several government agencies what he stole but could face additional fines as well as up to 12 years in prison when sentenced.

The investigation started in 2014 with a mailbox, and then unfolded clue by clue, according to the complaint. The Social Security office in Chula Vista alerted its Office of the Inspector General that private mailboxes near the U.S.-Mexico border may be linked to residency fraud.

Only U.S. citizens or valid visa holders can receive Social Security disability benefits, and they must reside in the United States.

In April 2015, during a standard review to determine whether he was still eligible for benefits, the man who called himself Riojos gave an address on San Ysidro Boulevard — to a mailbox rental facility. When he was summoned to the Chula Vista office for an interview, he presented a state ID card identifying himself as Riojos and claimed to be renting a room from a man on I Street in Chula Vista.

During the interview, an investigator with the California Department of Health Care Services called the man, who confirmed the living arrangement.

But when investigators visited the home in January 2016, the man admitted Riojos never lived there, but instead lived in Mexico, the complaint states.

Investigators turned to the border crossing records, finding frequent travels indicating Riojos had likely been living in Mexico since at least 2014.

They then learned that another person had tried to sign up for disability benefits in Oceanside under the same Riojos name, using a fake birth certificate with the same date and place of birth, according to the complaint.

The investigators went to the criminal records, finding the initial man claiming to be Riojos had a rap sheet that included 21 different names and six dates of birth, dating back to 1974. They included a firearms violation, forgery, cocaine possession and multiple DUIs, according to prosecutors.

Immigration records rounded out the picture. He’d been deported twice, once in 1994 and again in 2000. During the last deportation, he had given authorities his real name: Jose Reyes. Or so they thought.

Investigators tracked down the real Abraham Riojos to Immokalee, Fla., a rural town south of Fort Myers. He told the special agents who visited him that he had no idea his identity had been used all these years.

He went by a different name now himself, Abram Riojas, a switch he said he made in the 1980s after his father started going by that name. He had a legal Social Security number separate from the fraudulent one Anduaga had applied for and received, which is probably why he hadn’t yet run into cross-identity problems, authorities said. The real Riojos also hadn’t applied for any Social Security benefits yet, another reason he might not have known something was awry.

Ron’s Rant On Guns


Decades ago in Western civilization, when a guy’s voice dropped about an octave and the fuzz on his chin turned dark and he had completed a decent secondary education, he was considered a man and expected to act and produce like one.

Girls, of course, for a variety of reasons, always matured much earlier, both physically and psychologically, so they were already prepared for acting and performing like mature adults when they graduated from high school.

So basically one day you were an 18-yr-old kid, a rascal, a scamp, a prankster, and a bit of a scoundrel at times. The next day you were an 18-yr-old young adult with a piece of paper in your hand certifying that you’d been exposed to a good education.

And you knew that failure to settle down and become a productive member of the community meant failure, scorn, retribution, and eventually expulsion from the safety of the clan, the town, the privileges and benefits of citizenship. Ahhh, ou sont les réalités d’antan.

Today adolescence has been extended from that traditional date of high-school graduation, usually sometime during a person’s 18th year, all the way up to 25 or beyond, until Mom finally gets tired of the clutter and smell in her basement and tells her precious, pierced, tattooed, bewhiskered snowflake to either get out or start paying rent with his degree in fine arts and his job as a barista at Starbuck’s.

The generation which convinced itself that eating Tide Pods is a good thing is now using those same brains to demand abolishing the NRA because they heard from a very reliable source of gossip that it (along with white males,especially Bible-totin pickup-drivin rednecks) is the source of all evil in the US.

Dianne Feinstein, who employs several armed security people to protect HER aging ass, wants to raise long-gun purchase age requirement to 21, saying that people who can’t buy beer shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15.

The problem with her logic is that each year tens of thousands of 18-yr-olds are issued BY GUBMINT fully-automatic rifles and expected to offer their young lives to protect the documents she wants to take a chisel and white-out to, and while they’re out there fighting terror and oppression, she’d like them to cast their votes for her and her ilk.

More teenagers kill themselves and their friends every week by texting while driving than mass school shooters kill in a year, but nobody’s demanding that the age for fone ownership be raised to 21. Surprising, then, that many liberal politicians are considering lowering the voting age to 16. Say WHAT?!

While I admit to being on the fence on the issue of private ownership of hi-capacity-mag easily-convertible semi-auto rifles, I am most definitely NOT on the fence where chiseling away at the foundations of the Constitution and its BOR is concerned.

I can envision a future in which John Q. might actually NEED a converted hi-capacity rifle for his very survival when threatened by the oppression of a well-armed and thoroughly corrupt radical tax-and-spend government with bizarre laws and double standards of application.

OF COURSE nobody needs a full-auto for hunting deer or pheasant or duck. But remember that during the Dark Ages there were NO guns. That’s why it was so damned enlightened . . . and peaceful . . . back then and life expectancy was mid-30s.

Government has demonstrated its inability to keep drugs off our street corners . . . out of our schools . . . even out of jails and prisons – but that same government now is considering disarming law-abiding citizens and asking them to trust that it can keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. Yeah, good luck widdat.

Generally speaking, the cops are at LEAST 5 minutes away even after you’ve made that 9-11 call, and sometimes they’re not going to wade into the fray and take on the shooter after they DO show up, preferring instead to follow procedure, establish a perimeter, and assess the situation before acting.

Ron off.

So that’s what the cowards of Broward were doing rather than using their guns to try to stop the slaughter.

Ron on.

So, since a Glock 9 is a helluva lot easier to carry around than a cop, I say let’s leave the 2nd Amendment alone . . . ‘cuz with a MINIMUM of 350 to 400 million privately owned firearms in this country already, if guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens were the real problem, we’d be experiencing negative population growth on a scale to make the black plague look like one of Hillary’s coughing spasms.

Ron off.

When was the last time an NRA member went on a shooting rampage? Bueller? Anyone? NRA members are law abiding citizens who are being scapegoated to cover up the failure of gummint to protect children in schools. The ones who are doing these shootings are immigrants, Dimocrats, children of Dimocrats, and kids on psychotropic drugs.

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple / Ron

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions Is Not the Attorney General – Sessions Is Kept in the Dark, Out of Major Decisions (VIDEO)


Jason Chaffetz: Look you have an Attorney General who’s recused himself out of the very job. I’ve been saying for a few months, I’m sorry, Jeff Sessions is a good honorable person but he’s not up to the job. He doesn’t have the guts to get what needs to be done. He’s recused himself out of everything. You don’t need a special counsel if you have an Attorney General who can actually move the ball forward.

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions is not the Attorney General. He’s the AG in name only. It is being run by other people. Largely Rod Rosenstein. Sessions is kept in the dark, out of major decisions. He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on there.

Via Hannity:

Jason Chaffetz: Look you have an Attorney General who’s recused himself out of the very job. I’ve been saying for a few months, I’m sorry, Jeff Sessions is a good honorable person but he’s not up to the job. He doesn’t have the guts to get what needs to be done. He’s recused himself out of everything. You don’t need a special counsel if you have an Attorney General who can actually move the ball forward.

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions is not the Attorney General. He’s the AG in name only. It is being run by other people. Largely Rod Rosenstein. Sessions is kept in the dark, out of major decisions. He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on there.

Via Hannity:

Jason Chaffetz: Look you have an Attorney General who’s recused himself out of the very job. I’ve been saying for a few months, I’m sorry, Jeff Sessions is a good honorable person but he’s not up to the job. He doesn’t have the guts to get what needs to be done. He’s recused himself out of everything. You don’t need a special counsel if you have an Attorney General who can actually move the ball forward.

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions is not the Attorney General. He’s the AG in name only. It is being run by other people. Largely Rod Rosenstein. Sessions is kept in the dark, out of major decisions. He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on there.

Via Hannity:

Kansas Racist Insults And Spits On Black Preschooler At Hooters — And Then Tells Cops ‘It’s OK, I’m A Fireman’


I have lived in the Johnson County area most of my life and have worked for the City Of Overland Park and the City Of Lenexa. During these times I had made friends with a lot of first responders, Police and Kansas firefighters and I have NEVER known any of these dedicated city workers to have used a “racial slur” to anyone let alone a black preschool-age child like the one who was spat upon in this article. This incident is definitely NOT normal behavior and I hope people who live inside and outside of the Overland Park area will try not to judge the majority of fine city employees working in Overland Park…I will be following this incident and will report any progress with knowing who this “racist idiot” is and hopefully justice will be served in bringing charges against him and pray he will know this kind of behavior will NOT ever be tolerated against anyone in Johnson County or any other county in the fine state of Kansas……….Papa Mike


A Kansas firefighter reportedly spat on a black child and hurled racial slurs at a restaurant — and then tried to assure police he was on their side.

The preschool-age boy wandered away from a family birthday party Monday evening at Hooters restaurant in Overland Park, and the man spit on the child and called him a racial slur after a family member came to get the boy, reported KCTV-TV.

“He basically said get that little ‘blank’ up off the floor,” a witness told the TV station. “The N-word started to get thrown around.”

The witness said he was about five feet away from the confrontation, and he was surprised the man’s actions didn’t provoke a physical confrontation.

Police quickly arrived to intervene — and the witness said the racist man tried to use his status as a first responder to escape responsibility.

“I didn’t catch what the officer said to him, but his immediate response was ‘It’s okay, I’m a fireman,’ like that was supposed to blanket cover everything for him,” the witness said.

The boy’s family confirmed to KCTV that the firefighter, whose name has not been released, spat on the child while they were celebrating with about two dozen friends and relatives.

Overland Park police said they are continuing to question witnesses about the incident, but the firefighter could be charged with battery and criminal threat in the incident.