Washington D.C. Could Let 16-Year-Olds Vote For President


Here we go.

The Washington D.C., City Council is preparing to vote on lowering the voting age for all elections to 16, according to the Associated Press.

Via AP:

The Washington, D.C., City Council is preparing to vote on a bill to lower the voting age to 16 for all elections, both local and federal.

WTOP-FM reports the bill won 3-0 approval in the Judiciary and Public Safety committee Thursday and will get a final vote before the full council this month.

The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens 18 and older the right to vote, but scholars have said it doesn’t prevent a state, or in this case, the nation’s capital, from setting a lower age.

Of course this only drives the popular vote in DC and won’t change the amount of electoral votes (DC offers 3 EC votes), however; this is just the beginning for the Democrats.

The Democrats have been pushing to lower the voting at to 16 because they know they can easily brainwash and influence the youth.

Youth are bombarded with anti-American, ultra left-wing propaganda in public schools and on social media so of course the Dems want them to vote.

The left will take this victory in Washington D.C. and push it in all 50 states.

Breaking: US Added 250,000 Jobs In October, Wage Growth Fastest Since 2009


Joe Biden’s economic adviser:

NY Times economics correspondent:


And this needs to be spread everywhere and pounded home in these final days before elections.

Via Hot Air:

Consider this the first of two gifts Donald Trump got this morning for next week’s midterm elections. The booming US economy added 250,000 jobs in October, well above expectations and a big jump from September’s revised sub-maintenance level of 118,000. Perhaps more importantly, wages jumped upward at the best pace since the start of the recovery in 2009:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 250,000 in October, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care, in manufacturing, in construction, and in transportation and warehousing.

The unemployment rate remained at 3.7 percent in October, and the number of unemployed persons was little changed at 6.1 million. Over the year, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons declined by 0.4 percentage point and 449,000, respectively. …

The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls increased by 0.1 hour to 34.5 hours in October. In manufacturing, the workweek edged down by 0.1 hour to 40.8 hours, and overtime was unchanged at 3.5 hours. The average workweek for production and nonsupervisory employees on private nonfarm payrolls, at 33.7 hours, was unchanged over the month.

In October, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls rose by 5 cents to $27.30. Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 83 cents, or 3.1 percent. Average hourly earnings of private-sector production and nonsupervisory employees increased by 7 cents to $22.89 in October

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BREAKING: Former Fox News Host Reportedly Offered Job of UN Ambassador

What was rumored earlier today now appears to be a done deal: Former Fox News host and current State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert has reportedly been offered the job as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The report about the former Fox News host was broken by a current Fox News-er, White House correspondent John Roberts, on Twitter:

Nauert would replace Nikki Haley in the role, whose decision to step down after two years stunned the Trump administration. The president has considered several current officials for the job of U.N. ambassador, and as of Thursday morning Nauert was reportedly his top pick.

Nauert’s appointment would be subject to Senate confirmation, and it’s safe to assume Democrats will grill the former Fox & Friends host on her dearth of qualifications for the role.

SOURCE: MediaITE.com

BREAKING: Former Fox News Host Reportedly Offered Job of UN Ambassador


Take a look!  This is what the future in America will be like, at least in one man’s opinion.  You’ll have to admit it’s very interesting!

1. Auto repair shops go away. A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts. An electrical engine has 20. Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers. It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an electric engine. Faulty electric engines are not repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair shop that repairs them with robots. Your electric engine malfunction light goes on so you drive up to what looks like a Jiffy-auto wash, and your car is towed through while you have a cup of coffee and out comes your car with a new engine.


2. Gas stations go away. Parking meters are replaced by meters that  dispense electricity.  All companies install electrical recharging stations.


3. All major auto manufacturers have already designated 5-6 billion dollars each to start building new plants that only build electric cars.


4. Coal industries go away. Gasoline/oil companies go away.  Drilling for oil stops.


5. Homes produce and store more electrical energy during the day and  then they use and will sell it back to the grid. The grid stores it  and dispenses it to industries that are high electricity users.


A baby of today will only see personal cars in museums.


1 The FUTURE is approaching faster than one can handle! In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt.


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EXCLUSIVE… Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman: Woman Accusing Mueller of Rape is ‘Credible,’ ‘Vetted,’ Media Protecting Special Counsel (VIDEO)

**EDITORS NOTE**   Jim Hoft is NOT responsible for the posting of the original story reporting the accusations against Mueller. That was authored by Jacob Wohl himself. Under most circumstances we allow our writers, based all over the world, to post their stories directly to the website. After Mr. Hoft was notified regarding some of the basis of the claims, he edited and then removed the original article(s) pending an investigation. As part of that investigation, Mr. Hoft requested one of our local DC reporters interview Jacob Wohl directly. This was done after Wohl landed in DC and what you see on this page is that interview. Meanwhile, our investigation is ongoing and we would appreciate your patience in the meantime.


The woman accusing Robert Mueller of rape has nothing to financially gain from coming forward with her allegations against the special counsel and her testimony can be corroborated, the attorney representing the accuser and the journalist who discovered her maintain.

In an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit, journalist and founder of Sure Fire Intelligence Jacob Wohl and Washington DC based attorney Jack Burkman debunked media reports claiming they paid women to accuse Mueller, the special counsel tasked with investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, of sexual assault.

I am the biggest skeptic in the world of the #MeToo movement. My default position is not to believe the women – you’ve seen that over and over again as one story after another has come out. And that indeed was my default position in this case. I don’t care who’s getting accused or who’s accusing – my default position is I don’t believe it until its proven, until its corroborated,” Wohl told Gateway Pundit Wednesday night. “I went through the story with the accuser, the gal who had hired our firm, and I asked her many, many questions– where did it happen? When did it happen? Do you have any corroborating witnesses? And over and over again I determined her credibility to be very high, very high.”

Several major news outlets, including Politico and the Daily Beast, reported that a woman named “Lorraine Parsons” of Fort Myers, Florida  emailed various reporters claiming she was offered money to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct.

“The woman, Lorraine Parsons of Fort Myers, Florida, said a man named Bill Christensen knew exactly how much credit card debt she had and was willing to orchestrate paying off $34,000 — in addition to cutting a check for $20,000 if she made allegations,” reported Politico.

However, “Lorraine Parsons” declined to speak by telephone to various journalists, who could not confirm information about her, including whether that’s the real name of the person emailing journalists or whether a Lorraine Parsons exists at all.

Burkman and Wohl maintain that they have never interacted with Parsons and claimed she is a “phantom” the media is using to discredit the real accuser.


WATCH LIVE: Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl Hold Press Conference About Mueller Rape Allegations

The accuser claims that she met Mueller at a New York City hotel where he forced himself on her — but he was on jury duty in DC on the date she provided……

We all realize Mueller was on Jury Duty on the “DATE” she provided, but how about the “TIME???”……Papa Mike


**EDITORS NOTE** Jim Hoft is NOT responsible for the posting of the original story reporting the accusations against Mueller. That was authored by Jacob Wohl himself. Under most circumstances we allow our writers, based all over the world, to post their stories directly to the website. After Mr. Hoft was notified regarding some of the basis of the claims, he edited and then removed the original article(s) pending and investigation. As part of that investigation, Mr. Hoft requested one of our local DC reporters interview Jacob Wohl directly. This was done after Wohl landed in DC and what you see on this page is that interview. Meanwhile, our investigation is ongoing and we would appreciate your patience in the meantime.

The Gateway Pundit is currently live at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn where Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl are holding a press conference about the rape allegation against Special Council Robert Mueller.

The duo is expected to name the accuser — who was originally scheduled to be at the press conference — but allegedly got cold feet.

The accusations have been under extreme scrutiny, as multiple journalists claim to have been contacted by two women who say they were offered money by Wohl’s company Sure Fire to make false accusations.

One of the women does not appear to exist, at least under the name she provided to the journalists.

Update: Press Conference on Mueller Allegations and Why Americans Hate the Mainstream Media


Attorney-Journalist Jack Burkman and Journalist-Private Investigator Jacob Wohl held a press conference today in Washington DC on the Mueller rape allegations.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks attended the much anticipated news conference. The room at the Holiday Inn was filled with reporters.
The video is here.

As we mentioned previously: We are following this story as it is definitely newsworthy. After investigating the initial reports out earlier this week we edited our original report and then removed the original article(s) pending investigation. As part of that investigation, we requested one of our local DC reporters interview Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman directly. This took place after Jacob Wohl landed in DC on Wednesday night. We posted that interview earlier today.

During today’s press conference Jacob and Jack released the name of the woman who claimed she was raped by Robert Mueller in a New York hotel room in 2010. We want to interview the accuser before we post more on the allegations. She is a public figure but did not show up at the press conference today.

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit suspended our relationship with Jacob. We need to collect more information on this explosive situation. We are not afraid to take chances as you well know but we want to also be careful and accurate.

On the media:

The duplicity of the left and their media lapdogs regarding the #MeToo movement was on full display today in Washington DC. As is well known, porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti was the toast of the town when he made Stormy Daniels a household name. But on Thursday the reaction of the media to the Mueller accusations was quite the opposite. Americans hate the biased mainstream media for a reason.

We will continue to report on this story and update our audience as we gather more information.

Pittsburgh Shooting Widow Shared Touching Reason It Was Important To Her To Greet Trump

She was lost in the wall of protesters the alphabet media focused on.

Via BPR:

While the liberal media rants about how President Trump was given the cold shoulder by the grieving community in Pittsburgh, videos and other reports are proving the opposite.

The president and first lady on Tuesday visited the site of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre where 11 people were gunned down Saturday during a service.

The widow of one of the victims was on hand later that night to welcome the Trumps, even as local elected leaders shunned the president’s invitation to join him on the solemn visit, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders revealed on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“She said that she wanted to be there in order to show him that people wanted him there,” Sanders said of the widow of Richard Gottfried, one of the victims who was killed.

“He spent a good bit of time with her and said he was very humbled and very saddened by the experience that he had yesterday in Pittsburgh,” Sanders added.[…]

The president met with with law enforcement officials in the Medical Center who were wounded in the attack and patients “seemed grateful for the President’s interest and visit,” Dr. Donald Yealy, the hospital’s chair of emergency medicine, said according to CNN.

The scene at the University of Pittsburgh Hospital where Trump visited was a firm rebuttal to the left’s narrative as a video showed hospital staff enthusiastically thanking him for visiting.

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Thousands Of Ohio Teens Can’t Get Licenses Because Their Parents Are Illegal Aliens

Consequences of their actions.

Via Columbus Dispatch:

The Ohio BMV has been sued for discriminating against children of undocumented immigrants by not allowing their parents to cosign on their driver’s license or state ID card applications — even if their children are U.S. citizens.

Esther Aulis-Cabrera was denied the opportunity to get her temporary driver’s license at 15. She didn’t know she was one of thousands of Ohio teenagers facing similar circumstances.

Aulis-Cabrera is a U.S. citizen who was born in the country but was denied her license because her mother is from Mexico and doesn’t have the legal status in this country to cosign for her, a state requirement for minors getting their licenses.

The little-known but longstanding Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles policy also prevents other adults from cosigning “unless he or she obtains custody or legal guardianship of the minor applicant,” according to a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the agency.

Advocates estimate the policy stands to affect more than 3,000 teenage minors who are currently eligible to get a temporary permit, driver’s license or state identification card in Ohio.

That includes minors who are U.S. citizens as well as others with legal status, such as those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That Obama-era program allows those brought here illegally as children to stay in the country, work and, in Ohio, to get their driver’s licenses.

“We’re suing the BMV for a policy which we believe is unconstitutional,” said Emily Brown, an attorney with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, a nonprofit legal firm based in Dayton. “They are essentially preventing them from getting a driver’s license until they turn 18.

“The Ohio Revised Code says minors have to have a cosigner, but it says another responsible adult can do it if the parent can’t cosign,” she said. “The BMV could interpret the law to mean if the parent can’t cosign another adult in the community can, but the BMV is not allowing other adults to do that.”

The lawsuit asks the court to allow other adults to cosign a minor’s application if a parent grants permission.

Brown said her firm decided to file the lawsuit after it learned about the policy and after extensive conversations about their concerns with the BMV led nowhere.

A BMV spokeswoman declined to comment, saying the agency doesn’t discuss pending litigation.

The denial or delay of a driver’s license or state ID hinders the ability of children of undocumented immigrants “to travel to their places of school and employment, transport other family members, provide identification for purposes of opening a bank account or obtaining employment, and otherwise participate fully in civic life,” according to the 27-page complaint filed Oct. 16.

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CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat In This Country Is White Men’ And ‘We Need To Do Something About Them’


Oh, that’s not divisive or anything.

Via Daily Wire:

Monday on CNN, network host Don Lemon, referring to the shooting of two black people in Kentucky last week, the pipe bombs sent to various famous Democrats, and the shooter in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, said that white men are “the biggest terror threat in this country.”

Lemon joined Chris Cuomo, who prompted Lemon’s statement with this preamble: “It’s not just Pittsburgh. It’s not just the bomber. There was another hate-filled criminal just last week in Kentucky. Another white man, history of violence, in custody for shooting and killing and killing two African-Americans in a grocery store, Krogers, but what he tried to do was barge into a predominantly black church and fail. And then he picked a secondary target. He’s being investigated for hate crimes. Don Lemon is here right now. We barely had time to cover it because we were distracted by another extremist that was doing bad things in the name of hate.”

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Liberals Once Again Burying Their Heads In The Sand

Picture below was posted by Papa Mike not by the source of this article……….Papa Mike 

President Trump warned on Twitter last week that law enforcement would be looking for “voter fraud” in the midterm elections. Many journalists quickly responded – as they always do – by dismissing the very existence of voter fraud.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted “voter fraud in this country is actually very rare.”

CNN Tries To Get Israeli Ambassador To Blame Trump For ‘Environment’ That Created Synagogue Shooter

He wasn’t biting.

Via Daily Caller:

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer praised President Donald Trump’s forceful condemnation of anti-Semitism on Sunday after the synagogue shooting Saturday in Pittsburgh.

CNN reporter Victor Blackwell asked Dermer during a Sunday interview if Trump bears any culpability for the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. after 11 people were shot dead at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday.

“Let’s get you to wade into the conversation that’s been happening since this happened yesterday about the president and responsibility,” Blackwell said to Dermer. “Now the only person responsible here is the man who pulled the trigger … to what degree do you believe, as some of the president’s critics have said, that he is responsible for the environment that would have fed some of what we’re seeing?”

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5200 Additional Troops Being Sent To Border Along With Heavy Equipment To Build Barriers

So what will they do when they get there? If you arrest them, they’ll claim asylum and the law will require them to be released pending hearing and they’ll disappear in country.

Via ABC:

The U.S. military announced Monday that, by the end of the week, it will send 5,200 active duty troops to the southwest border, as well as helicopters and heavy equipment to build new barriers, to meet a request from the Department of Homeland Security to augment resources in anticipation of the arrival of two caravans of migrants currently in Mexico.

The deployment of active duty service members was triggered by President Trump’s remarks last week that he wanted the military to get involved in dealing with the caravan of migrants from Central America.

On Monday, Trump, who has made the caravan and immigration a top issue ahead of the midterm elections, tweeted that the caravan of migrants included “Many Gang Members and some very bad people” and that they would not be allowed to enter the United States unless they went through “the legal process”.

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