Abuse Of Patriot Act Must End, It Was Never Intended For Spying On Americans That Obama Admin Is Doing”

imageVia The Guardian:

We’ve gotten used to what “Big Government” looks like – Washington’s unchecked deficit spending, the Obama administration‘s policing of the press and the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups. But the problem is bigger than we thought. “Big Brother” is watching. And he is monitoring the phone calls and digital communications of every American, as well as of any foreigners who make or receive calls to or from the United States.

Last week, the Guardian reported that the Obama administration is collecting records of every call made to, from or within the US, as well as records of many digital communicationsPresident Obama has tried to deflect criticism by claiming “every member of Congress has been briefed on this program.” While some members of Congress were briefed – particularly those on the intelligence committees – most, including myself, were not.

The administration claims authority to sift through details of our private lives because the Patriot Act says that it can. I disagree. I authored the Patriot Act, and this is an abuse of that law.

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Guardian Reveals NSA Leaker: Edward Snowden Is the PRISM Whistleblower …Update: Says He Will Defect to China

You better because Obama has decided to go after the “Messenger” and NOT the “MESSAGE”……Despite his determination to be publicly unveiled, he repeatedly insisted that he wants to avoid the media spotlight. “I don’t want public attention because I don’t want the story to be about me. I want it to be about what the US government is doing.”…………………Papa Mike


Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance
The 29-year-old source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA’s history explains his motives, his uncertain future and why he never intended on hiding in the shadows.

“I could be rendered… You can’t come forward against the world’s most intelligence agancy and be completely free from risk because there’s so much powerful adversaries that no one can easily oppose. If they want to get you, they’ll get you in time.

In the interview Snowden says he will defect to Hong Kong which is controlled by China.

Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian reported:

The individual responsible for one of the most significant leaks in US political history is Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden has been working at the National Security Agency for the last four years as an employee of various outside contractors, including Booz Allen and Dell.

The Guardian, after several days of interviews, is revealing his identity at his request. From the moment he decided to disclose numerous top-secret documents to the public, he was determined not to opt for the protection of anonymity. “I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done nothing wrong,” he said.

Snowden will go down in history as one of America’s most consequential whistleblowers, alongside Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning. He is responsible for handing over material from one of the world’s most secretive organisations – the NSA.

In a note accompanying the first set of documents he provided, he wrote: “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” but “I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

Despite his determination to be publicly unveiled, he repeatedly insisted that he wants to avoid the media spotlight. “I don’t want public attention because I don’t want the story to be about me. I want it to be about what the US government is doing.”

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image“Why don’t you think about what I just said!” Cavuto hollered. “Julian! I’m telling you, drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing. You have one entity after another going after the American people. You have one system of government, one agency, one department after another essentially doing the same thing. You can call that ‘conflating.’ I am telling you there is a pattern and…I guarantee, Julian, if it was George Bush doing it, you’d rightly be all over it.”

“You can’t conflate all these issues,” Epstein repeated; Cavuto shook his head in response. “You have to speak about them differently. In the case of the IRS, I agree the targeting is wrong, but there was never any connection to the White House. Nobody has proven that.”

Someone off-camera said Epstein “would make a lousy reporter.”

“I’m not going to get anywhere arguing this point,” Cavuto said. “You are saying nothing, and it’s offensive. It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality. I’m not going to play this game with you, Julian! You play the same damn game…”

“You’re playing Obama hater game and not backing it up with facts,” Epstein tried to say over Cavuto, but by that point the host yelled to “cut his damn mic!” and pretty much ended things.

Here’s the clip of all the fireworks:


SOURCE: The Blaze

Texas High School Officials Cut Mic on Valedictorian’s Speech on US Constitution (Video)”

Texas high school officials cut the microphone after Valedictorian Remington Reimer began talking about the US Constitution.

Unbelievable. What can they possibly be teaching kids at that school?
FOX News reported:

A Texas high school silenced its Valedictorian’s microphone during his speech when he diverted from his pre-approved remarks and instead spoke about the Constitution.

Joshua High School graduate Remington Reimer, who was accepted into the Naval Academy, had his microphone silenced during his speech right after he told fellow graduates that school officials apparently threatened him with the move the day before, MyFoxDFW.com reported.

Colin Radford, a fellow graduate told MyFoxDFW.com that Reimer was “talking about getting constitutional rights taken away from him, and then he said “just yesterday they threatened to turn my microphone off,” and then his microphone went off.”

“Student speakers were told that if their speeches deviated from the prior-reviewed material, the microphone would be turned off, regardless of content,” Joshua Independent School District said in a statement.

“When one student’s speech deviated from the prior-reviewed speech, the microphone was turned off, pursuant to District policy and procedure,” the statement said.

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.50 Caliber shot – 1000 yards — standing – off hand… VIDEO!

I shot a .50 Caliber in boot camp, standing up, and was lucky I didn’t separate my shoulder. That was was 1965 and the recoil on the 50 was twice of what it is today. To see what this former Army Ranger Sniper team leader did, standing and off hand, while nailing his target at 1,000 yards in one try is almost beyond belief!……Papa Mike

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3BUnHiv6AA&sns=em [/youtube]

Man Visits Heaven

Another one of those stories about a brief visit to heaven: Man believes he is in heaven after finding a free beer truck.

What does heaven look like? To a 46-year-old Deerfield man, it looks like a free beer truck.

The man apparently stumbled across a refrigerated beer trailer Tuesday used by the Schwaben Verein German heritage club and Grove Banquets in Buffalo Grove.

The trailer houses kegs connected to taps on the outside. Realizing he had nearly unlimited access cold beer, the man grabbed a nearby pitcher and began drinking.

At noon, staff at the banquet hall found him and called police. When police showed up, they found the man extremely intoxicated and called an ambulance, Buffalo Grove Deputy Chief Steve Husak said.

Before being sent to Northwest Community Hospital, he told police he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. He thought he had died and gone to heaven – a free beer truck, Husak said.

Deadbeat DIMocrats

ATHERTON (KPIX 5) – A community on the Peninsula may take the unprecedented action of slapping a lien against two homeowners who hosted an April fundraiser for President Barack Obama that cost the town $8,000 in security and cleanup costs.

The Town of Atherton has been unable to recoup the money from the Democratic National Committee or Secret Service.

Dimocrats are good at stiffing creditors. Thunder Rodent Thighs was really good at this.

“If the town incurs a cost that rightly should belong to somebody else, we’re going to pursue that,” Atherton Town Manager George Rodericks told KPIX 5.

It’s the only “fair” thing to do. Aren’t Obungler and the Dimocrats all about “fairness”? That’s what they keep saying.

The town sent invoices to the White House, Democratic National Committee, the Secret Service and two people who own the homes where Mr. Obama raised more than $3 million for Democrats. So far, the town has not received a cent.

Deadbeats. Dimocrats are really good at shafting people. What’s that town to do?

Widmer and Rodericks want the homeowners who held the fundraisers to reimburse Atherton for the cost of security, road blocks, traffic control and cleanup.

Or else, Rodericks, said, “We could follow a lien process of some kind, hold a public hearing, invite them to come, process it as a lien against their property and collect it via the property tax.”

Yeah. That’s the ticket. Look for the IRS to come after you if you do. Oblunder and the Dimocrats are good at holding grudges and punishing their enemies.

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple

Franklin Graham: I Wrote Obama About Being Targeted By IRS – But Never Heard Back From Him

Franklin Graham told Sean Hannity tonight that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization, were targeted by the IRS. The two groups were audited by the Obama IRS. His groups did not receive their tax exempt status until after the 2012 election. Franklin Graham said he sent Barack Obama a letter.

“I wrote him a letter telling him I suspect that we were targeted and would he look into it but I have not received a reply.”

It’s not the first time Obama snubbed Franklin Graham.
The Obama Administration once banned Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon.



Poll: Americans Say Obama’s “Poor” Ethics Worse Than Both Bush And Clinton…

Poll: Americans Say Obama’s “Poor” Ethics Worse Than Both Bush And Clinton…

Pretty bad considering one of these guys was having an affair in the White House with his intern.

Via Politico:

The percentage of Americans who believe President Barack Obama’s administration has poor ethical standards is higher than that measured by Gallup at various points during presidencies of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, a new poll finds.

Thirty-two percent of those surveyed said top Obama officials have “poor” ethics, according to a Gallup poll on Friday. This compares with figures of 29 percent for George W. Bush, 21 percent for Bill Clinton, 7 percent for George H.W. Bush, and 15 percent for Ronald Reagan, pollsters said.

Ethical standards were rated on a four-step scale – “excellent,” “good,” “not good,” and “poor.”

“The 32% specifically calling administration officials’ ethical standards poor is higher than Gallup found toward top officials in former President George W. Bush’s administration between 2002 and 2005, as well as in Bill Clinton’s administration in 1994,” Gallup said.

“Differences in survey methodology in terms of question order could mean the results may not be entirely comparable from one survey to the next. Nevertheless, even taken by themselves, the current results are not optimal for an administration that has prided itself on having put in place ‘the toughest ethics laws and toughest transparency rules of any administration in history’,” Gallup added.

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Wow, this girl has a great plan! Love the last thing she would do…. the best.

This was written by a 21 yr old female who gets it. It’s her future she’s worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare big government state that she’s being forced to live in! These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.

This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco , TX


Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, or smoke, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or you will report to a “government” job. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the “common good..”

Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules. Before you say that this would be “demeaning” and ruin their “self esteem,” consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone else’s money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

AND While you are on Gov’t subsistence, you no longer can VOTE! Yes, that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest. You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov’t welfare check. If you want to vote, then get a job.

So Not To Incriminate Herself Lerner Took The 5th AND Obama Put Her On PAID Leave!

imageAn IRS agent in the embattled Cincinnati office is lashing out at the agency’s managers for pinning the blame on them for the targeting of conservative groups, describing one official’s attempt to pass the blame as a “nuclear strike on us.”

According to transcripts of interviews that House investigators conducted with two Cincinnati office employees and which Fox News reviewed, agent Elizabeth Hofacre claimed that the idea this program was the work of two rogue agents is “absurd.”
She said that when Lois Lerner, the high-level official who oversaw the Cincinnati unit and is now on leave over the scandal, first acknowledged the program last month and traced it to the Ohio office, “I was furious.”
“I mean, it was inaccurate, but me especially because I was involved in the processing of these in 2010 so it looked like … Lois Lerner was putting it on us,” she said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/07/irs-worker-blasts-lerner-for-blaming-ohio-office-on-targeting-likens-effort-to/#ixzz2VaCIQ740

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MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Hits A New Low: “IRS” Is The New N-Word In The GOP’s “War Against The Black Man In The White House”…

I never thought this “ass kissing” Liberal would have ever said anything like this and his peers, instead of John Q Public, should DEMAND for his apology ASAP, and then DEPORTED his ass back to Great Britain, or better yet why not just send him to Guantanamo and lock him up with some of his “British Muslim” friends. He claims to be a devout Christian, but I’m NOT buying that!…..Papa Mike

This is what passes as enlightened thinking on the network nobody watches.

Via Mediaite:

. . . “And now, the IRS is being used in exactly the same way as they tried to use the president’s birth certificate,” Bashir said. “For Republicans like Darrell Issa, who knows something about arson, those three letters now stand for something inflammatory.”

“Republicans are using it as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the White House,” he insisted.



US Soldier Told Not to Read Hannity, Limbaugh, Mark Levin In Uniform

It’s an Obama world…

The US military is now openly discriminating against conservative Christians.

What the hell is happening to our country? If the Muslims aren’t killing Christians in the Mid-East and the UK, our own military is openly discriminating against Conservative Christians while serving their country…..so what’s our President doing about it, NOT A DAMN THING!…Papa Mike

Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Sommers at a Christmas concert. (Spokeo)

Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a 25-year Army veteran and conservative Christian based at Fort Myer in Washington, was told not to read Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin in uniform.
Todd Starnes at FOX News Radio reported:

A veteran member of the U.S. Army Band said he is facing retribution and punishment from the military for having anti-Obama bumper stickers on his car, reading books written by conservative authors like Mark Levin and David Limbaugh, and serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at his promotion party.

Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a 25-year Army veteran and conservative Christian based at Fort Myer in Washington, believes his outspoken opposition to gay marriage prompted higher-ups to take a closer look at his beliefs. The recipient of an Army Commendation Medal and a soloist at the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford, Sommers said his core beliefs are enough to mark a soldier for persecution in today’s military.

“It seems like with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – that the Christians have been the ones who’ve had to go underground and in the closet – for fear of retaliation and reprisals,” Sommers told Fox News. “Christians feel like they can’t be forthright with their faith. They have to hide.”

Ret. Navy Commander John Bennett Wells is representing the master sergeant. He said there is no doubt in his mind that the U.S. military is discriminating against Christians – and specifically his client.

“There’s no question about it,“ Wells told Fox News. “Because he is religious, because he feels that homosexual conduct is wrong for religious reasons, he is basically being persecuted.”

Life and Death in the Hands of Kathleen Sebelius



Eric Holder Interview

Eric Holder Interview
JUNE 7, 2013
Middle School student asks the questions the LSM should be asking except, since they are the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party, they are doing their best to whitewash all of this stuff.

Got this from Gateway Pundit.


Video: Obama’s Director Of National Intelligence Lies To Congress When Asked If The NSA “Collects Any Type Of Data On Millions Of Americans”…


Via National Journal:

As we now know, the NSA has been collecting data on millions of domestic and international phone calls for some time now — since 2006, according to Dianne Feinstein. Maybe this bothers you; maybe it doesn’t. Feinstein insists the program is an essential part of “protecting America”; Congressman Mike Rogers says it has already been “used to stop a terrorist attack in the United States.”

But one person who doesn’t like the idea of the NSA spying on Americans is Oregon senator Ron Wyden. And at a hearing in March, he asked James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, a straightforward question: “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Clapper’s answer? “No, sir … not wittingly

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Back in 2007 Barack Obama deplored “illegal wiretapping of American citizens.”

Today’s Huffington Post’s cover photo:
Via Instapundit:

Back in 2007 Barack Obama deplored “illegal wiretapping of American citizens.”
But that was before he became president and lost all credibility and started mining U.S. citizen data from nine U.S. internet companies.

More from Drudge:
NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms…

Top secret PRISM program… 
Obama administration collecting phone records of millions daily…
Secret court order requires VERIZON to hand over ALL CALL DATA
White House: Critical tool against ‘terrorist threats’…
Specifically targeted Americans, not foreigners…
‘Homeland Security’: Laptops, phones can be searched based on hunches…
NSA SEES ALL: Phone Sex, Banks, Emails…
CIA: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher…
’1984′ Published 64 Years Ago Today…

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

NY Times Editorial Says The Obama Administration Has Lost All Credibility !!

imageThe New York Times editorial board, which twice endorsed President Obama and has championed many planks of his agenda, on Thursday turned on the president over the government’s mass collection of phone data — saying the administration has “lost all credibility.”
The grey lady’s editorial section lately has shown frustration with the administration’s civil liberties record. It has criticized the escalation of the lethal drone program, and it lashed out after the Justice Department acknowledged seizing reporters’ phone records last month.
The report that the National Security Agency has been collecting phone records from millions of Verizon subscribers appeared to be the last straw.
An editorial published late Thursday said the administration was using the “same platitude” it uses in every case of overreach — that “terrorists are a real menace and you should just trust us.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/06/new-york-times-editorial-board-says-administration-has-lost-all-credibility/#ixzz2VUvs8nks

Toll Booth

I’ve been advocating this idea for a long time.

Not only are the Chinese cashing in on the oil we helped bring back on-line to the global economy, but we are single-handedly protecting it.

The U.S. Fifth Fleet (based in Bahrain) specifically protects oil tankers moving through the Strait of Hormuz.

The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow opening at the base of the Persian Gulf only about 24 miles wide. That’s less than the distance between the White House and Dulles International Airport.

The shipping lane is only about two miles wide.

It is bordered on one side by Oman and on the other by Iran.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, some 17 million barrels of oil pass through the Strait of Hormuz every day.

According to National Geographic, 77 percent of that oil goes to Asia, eight percent to Europe, three percent to Africa and other Middle Eastern destinations and only about 12 percent comes to the U.S.

Yet we pay 100 percent of the cost of protecting that oil.

Yep! We are safeguarding the oil supplies for China and for the rest of the world and we are bearing all of the cost. That also includes the money we spent to oust Saddam Hussein.

I am not suggesting we pull up stakes (or anchors) and leave ships passing through the Strait to their own devices – or the Iranian navy, but Professor Roger Stern, of University of Tulsa National Energy Policy Institute has estimated that from 1975 to 2010 the U.S. had spent $8 trillion protecting that oil.

That’s a little over a quarter of a trillion dollars a year to make sure the Chinese and the Europeans’ oil travels safely to their home ports.

We need the two million barrels of oil we get from Persian Gulf shipments because even with domestic oil production on the rise, we still use more oil (mostly for transportation) than we produce.

No thanks to Obungler and the rest of the Dimocrat Party which will not let us drill in ANWR, off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and on federal lands. Think of how much more oil we could produce. Even so, due to the shale oil boom we may be meeting all of our needs with domestic oil production by 2020.


SOURCE: Knuckledraggin My Life Away

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