BREAKING: 41 Conservative Groups Have Now Signed On to Lawsuit Against IRS (Video)”

The count is now up to 41–
41 conservative groups have now joined in the lawsuit against the IRS for unlawful targeting of Tea Party, Constitutional, pro-Life and pro-Israel organizations in the run-up of the 2012 election.

For twenty-seven months the Obama IRS refused to approve any Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status starting in March 2010.  At the same time several liberal groups were granted tax-exempt status.

Jay Seculow, the Chief Counsel for the ACLJ, broke the news this morning on America’s Newsroom:

“We’re filing this week an amended complaint with another 15 or 16 plaintiffs. We’re up to about 41. And we’re going to find out what took place in these 159 meetings that the IRS commissioner had with the White House.”


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Good Grief!…Obama State Dept Accused of Covering Up Another Sex Scandal”

Another day – Another Sex Scandal
The Obama State Department is accused of covering up the illicit sexual escapades of US Consul General Donald Moore in Italy.
moore italy
US Consul General Donald Moore (in suit) at work in Italy.

The New York Post reported, via Jammie Wearing Fool:

Kerry Howard says she was bullied, harassed and forced to resign after she exposed US Consul General Donald Moore’s alleged security-threatening shenanigans in nthe Naples, Italy, office.

As the post’s community-liaison officer, Howard was charged with keeping workplace peace and advising higher-ups on the state of morale, but when she revealed allegations about her boss, State Department officials swept it under the rug, according to an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint she filed with the department’s Office of Civil Rights.

“It’s cover-up after cover-up. It’s absolutely hideous,” she told The Post. “When our diplomats disrespect the Italians by hiring and firing them because they have seen too much — or use them for ‘sex-ercise’ — we have to question why we have diplomats abroad at taxpayer expense.”

Howard is just the latest whistleblower to allege that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department allowed sexual misbehavior to continue unchecked.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Shark or Shirt?

It’s a “no-brainier, …..What Shark?
Papa Mike

One of my friends ‘shared’ her friend’s video on FB the other day. I actually watched it because it was a 15’+ Great White spotting in New Jersey. The FB video is only of the shark and never shows any of the fishermen, so when I heard the video was going viral, I had no idea that had nothing to do with the shark…


AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off”

Just in case you want more Obama in your life…
AT&T is loading iPhones with emergency alerts from Barack Obama…
That you can’t switch off.
emergency alerts att

Engadget reported:

AT&T has begun rolling out Wireless Emergency Alerts updates for iPhone 4S and 5, so you won’t be the last folks to know if the entire northern hemisphere is about to be covered in ice à la Day After Tomorrow.

You’ll receive a notification from the carrier when your update is ready, but only if you’re using iOS 6.1 or higher.

Once installed, AMBER and Emergency alerts are automatically sent to your phone unless you switch them off via Settings. However, should you be tired of Obama, just know that there’s no way to switch off Presidential alerts.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Obama IRS Targeted And Infiltrated Christian Churches”

When will someone get the BALLS to take Obama and Holder down…There’s more than enough proof that the IRS and the DOJ are up to their eyeballs in criminal activities and it’s been going on long enough. BOTH of them should have just resigned months ago, but now impeachment won’t serve justice. They BOTH should be behind bars…..Papa Mike

The unbelievable Scandalpalooza continues on…

Via Examiner:

On Thursday the Examiner provided an exclusive report indicating that the Obama administration had implemented a covert program beginning in 2009 that was intended to spy on conservative, evangelical Christian churches.

That program involved infiltration — sending in government operatives to join churches for the purpose of data collection. The government snoops would keep their eyes and ears open for criticism of the Obama administration, talk of Tea Party participation, conversations about gun ownership, and a number of other issues.

But a special report issued today by Fox News indicates that the program went far beyond infiltration and snooping. The IRS was used to harass Christian churches if they were identified as places where large numbers of anti-Obama citizens congregated for worship.

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PALIN ON FIRE– Sarah Palin spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition today in Washington DC.

“Our government spied on every single one of your phone calls but couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechnya. Really?… And it’s built an apparatus to sneak into all of the good guys’ communications but…whoopsi-daisy… It missed the Fort Hood murderer of our own troops despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counselling sessions and on his own business cards. But, whoops, no red flags there. Really?”

Nobody does it better than Sarah:

Here is Sarah’s whole speech.



SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Confirmed: Obama IRS Targeted, Infiltrated and Harassed Christian Churches”

So can we finally put these scumbag Democrats in JAIL!…..Papa Mike

The Obama Internal Revenue Service targeted several Christian groups including a 180 year-old Baptist paper.
franklin graham
The Obama IRS targeted Christian groups including Franklin Graham and the 180 year-old Biblical Recorder.

The Obama IRS implemented a program to infiltrate and target conservative, evangelical Christian churches.
The Examiner reported:

On Thursday the Examiner provided an exclusive report indicating that the Obama administration had implemented a covert program beginning in 2009 that was intended to spy on conservative, evangelical Christian churches.

That program involved infiltration — sending in government operatives to join churches for the purpose of data collection. The government snoops would keep their eyes and ears open for criticism of the Obama administration, talk of Tea Party participation, conversations about gun ownership, and a number of other issues.

But a special report issued today by Fox News indicates that the program went far beyond infiltration and snooping. The IRS was used to harass Christian churches if they were identified as places where large numbers of anti-Obama citizens congregated for worship.

The Obama administration, according to the report, considered any public criticism of administration policies to be political in nature and should therefore impact whether or not these congregations were allowed to gain or keep their tax exempt status.

But pastors have long maintained that there are a myriad of areas where political and moral/spiritual issues overlap, and thus, the pastors feel obligated as the guardians of spiritual truth to speak out concerning these issues.

Abortion, for example, is both a political and a spiritual issue. Most conservative, evangelical Christians believe that Biblical principles are abundantly clear concerning the sanctity of human life. And many pastors thus feel constrained by their calling to condemn abortion as a hideous and barbaric assault on the sacredness of human life.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization, were both targeted by the Obama IRS.

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit


Democratic National Convention organizers claim they lost approximately half a million dollars worth of electronic gadgets during last year’s convention in Charlotte, N.C., ABC News reports.

“Organizers of the Charlotte, N.C., convention have filed an eyebrow-raising police report for lost and stolen electronics, some of which they have valued at as much as 62 times the listed market prices,” the report adds.

The value of an allegedly stolen 13-inch MacBook? $75,537. An iPhone? $30,503. A Blackberry? $54,250.


“Other items reported to have gone missing at the convention included two iPads worth around $15,000 each, laptops listed at $40,000, $34,000 and $25,000 each, and other miscellaneous items worth far more than their list price,” ABC News adds.

“The report claims that 40 items were reported lost and one item – the most highly valued one, the $75,000 MacBook Pro – was stolen,” the report adds.

All in all, roughly $465,000 worth of electronic equipment has been reported as stolen or missing. That’s an average of $11,344 per item.

The police report was filed in May (nearly eight months after the alleged thefts occurred) by Kenneth Hardy, deputy in-house counsel for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

You can see the police report for yourself:

IRS Refunds $4 Billion in Child Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants Per Year – And The Kids May Not Even Live in the US (Video)

IRS doles out $4 billion in child tax credits per year to illegal immigrants.
…And the children may not even live in the US.

A massive IRS tax loophole provides over $4 billion per year in tax credits to millions of illegal aliens. In many cases recipients of American taxpayers’ misused monies have never set foot in the United States.

The IRS is aware of the magnitude of this fraud yet has done nothing to rectify it.
Maybe instead of targeting conservatives they will clamp down on this fraud for a change.

Channel 13, WTHR in Indianapolis reported on the scandal last year:

Global Economic Analysis discovered the problem has not been addressed even though this report was released last year.




SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Obama’s Africa Trip Could Cost $100 Million


President Barack Obama’s trip to Africa later this month could be one of the most expensive of his tenure, costing the government as much as $100 million. 


According to a confidential internal planning document obtained by The Washington Post, hundreds of Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania, which the first family will visit from June 26 to July 3. 


A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of an emergency.


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Another Obummer Lie


image.jpegThere are so many of them that we must just assume he’s lying every time he opens his mouth. Like this one from his first inaugural address.

As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals,

Translated: Fuck our ideals. I’m president. I can do anything I want. Constitution? We don’t need no steenkin’ Constitution! Bush shredded it and now I’m using it as toilet paper. And what’s more, we’re not gonna look for terrorism in mosques because I love Islam. Our biggest threat is from the Tea Party. They’re the real terrorists.


Thanks to Sean for sending me the image.

Here’s Bill Quick on our ruling class lying to us.

Right up front, I don’t believe them. These people lie. It is in their genetic code. From top to bottom and front to back, they lie: They lie to themselves, they lie to each other, and they lie to us. And when they get caught, when their lies get exposed, they lie harder.

Lying is bi-partisan. On immigration the GOP is gonna do the same thing they always do. They’ll agree to amnesty in exchange for securing the border in the far distant future, which means never. Reagan fell for this back when he was president. It’s just like when Dimocrats promise spending cuts in the future for tax increases now. We get the tax increases but no spending cuts.

We’re doomed!



SOURCE: Grouchy Old Crippe

Abortionist Caught On Tape Likening “Mushy” Dead Baby To “Meat In A Crock-Pot”…”

One very SICK SCUMBAG!!……Papa Mike

Vile beyond words.

Via CNS News:

In an undercover operation targeting an abortion clinic in Nebraska, abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart referred to the baby that is killed inside the mother’s womb during an abortion as “meat in a Crock-Pot.”

“It’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot. Okay? It doesn’t get broke – it gets softer. It doesn’t get infected,” Carhart said in response to a question from a Live Action investigator who posed as a potential patient.

Live Action was founded in 2003 as a pro-life club by a 15-year-old named Lila Rose. It was later legally formed as a non-partisan, non-profit organization in 2008. Today it is “a new media movement dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life,” according to its website.

The baby “will come through. It’ll compress down and come through that because it’s not alive,” Carhart said in explaining the abortion procedure.

“So when you say ‘compress down—’” the investigator said.

“Just, it gets soft, like, mushy so you push it through,” said Carhart.

“So what makes the baby ‘mushy?’” the investigator asked.

“The fact that it’s not alive for two or three days,” Carhart replied.

“So I’ll have a dead baby in me?” the investigator asked.

“For three days, yeah,” Carhart said.

“Will it start to decay or something?” the investigator asked.

“No, it’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot. Okay? It doesn’t get broke – it gets softer. It doesn’t get infected, or you know—” Carhart said.

“So the dead baby in me is like meat in a Crock-Pot,” the investigator said.

“Pretty much, yeah, kinda much,” Carhart said. “In a slow cooker.”

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Catholic Association Blasts Pelosi For Suggesting Late-Term Abortion is “Sacred Ground””

Monster Nancy Pelosi used her Catholic faith yesterday to defend late term abortions as“sacred ground.”

“As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this.”

Via The Weekly Standard:

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

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Outrageous!… FBI Has Not Contacted a Single Tea Party Group in IRS Investigation”

Earlier Thursday Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) confronted FBI Director Robert Mueller on the agency’s investigation of the IRS. Mueller had no idea who’s running the investigation, how many people were assigned to the investigation, where the investigation stood, and if any Tea Party groups had been interviewed.
He was clueless.

Via America Live:

The Daily Caller reported tonight that there is no evidence that any of the 500 targeted conservative groups have been interviewed by the FBI.

There is no evidence that the FBI has contacted a single tea party group in its criminal investigation of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the groups the IRS abused.

“We have not been contacted by any federal investigative agency and, to date, none of our clients have been contacted or interviewed by the FBI,” Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice told The Daily Caller on Thursday. The ACLJ has filed suit against the IRS on behalf of 25 conservative groups, with additional groups being added in the next couple weeks, according to a spokesman.

“I have been very surprised that I have not heard from anybody and frankly, none of my clients have. I talk to other tea party leaders on a regular basis,” said Cleta Mitchell, the lawyer largely credited with pushing the IRS abuses to the forefront.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit


Don’t you think it’s a little bid odd that every time there’s a new scandal Obama and all his Kool-Aid drinkers always says, “The first I herd anything was like you, on the NEWS” The only thing I have to say about that is, BULL SHIT!………Papa Mike


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statementthrough a spokesman Tuesday that claimed total ignorance of rampant sex crimes and cover-ups occurring on her watch that were alleged in an Inspector General’s memo reported by CBS News and the New York Post.

The IG memo, dated October 23, 2012, contains shocking allegations of overseas criminal conduct by State Department officials including sexual assault , ‘endemic’ procurement of prostitutes (including children), and drugs—all of which were alleged to have been covered-up by various officials at the highest levels of the State Department including Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills.

CNN reported Clinton spokesman Nicholas Merrill issued a written statement saying, “We learned of it from the media and don’t know anything beyond what’s been reported.”


Obama Says “All I Care About Right Now Is Governing”… While Speaking At His 18th Fundraiser This Year…



imageCould he be any more delusional?

Via Keith Koffler:



Speaking at his 18th fundraiser of the year, President Obama Wednesday evening declared without apparent irony that governing the nation is his sole priority.

“Now, I’ve run my last campaign — and Michelle is very happy about that,” Obama said to laughter from well-heeled donors who had assembled at the Miami Beach residence of philanthropist Joseph Blount. “And so what that means is I think you can have confidence that all I care about right now is governing.”

But Obama’s actions would appear to say otherwise.

With the three fundraisers he attended Wednesday – one in Boston for the Senate campaign of Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and two in Miami Beach for the Democratic National Committee – Obama’s total for 2013 already tops the number George W. Bush did for the entire year in 2005.

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Fox News Poll: 66% Say IRS Targeting Intentional Act To Punish Political Opponents, Only 23% Believe “Rogue” Agents Claim…”

Via Fox News:

Two-thirds of American voters (66 percent) think the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups as part of a high-level operation to punish political opponents.  Far fewer — 23 percent — think it was a mistake by a handful of lower-level IRS employees.

Even Democrats, by a seven percentage-point margin, are more likely to think the targeting was a punitive measure ordered by higher-ups.

In addition, most voters continue to believe the Obama administration knew about (40 percent) or was directly involved in (28 percent) the IRS treating conservative groups unfairly.


SOURCE: Weasel Zippers

State Dept. Investigator: Order To Stop State Investigation Came From “Higher” Up (Video)”

WHY THE HELL IS NOTHING BEING DONE TO LITERALLY EVERYONE CONNECTED TO YET ANOTHER OBAMA SCANDAL? What does this corrupt administration have to do to get someone investigate them to the fullest? ……Papa Mike

Retired DSS agent Mike Pohelitz, the former top State Department security official in Brussels, Belgium, requested the investigation into the US Ambassador’s activities. Pollitz said investigators were told to stand down.

“I got the information (to stand down) from the DS channel but it came from somebody higher than DS, I’m sure.”

U.S. Ambassador To Belgium Howard Gutman, who was a top Obama campaign bundler, reportedly “solicited prostitutes, including minors.”
The Obama State Department shut down the investigation.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Texas: Principal Threatens To Sabotage Naval Appointment Of Valedictorian Who Changed Graduation Speech To Defend The Constitution…”

Update to this story.

Via Fox News Insider:

A Texas high school principal threatened to sabotage a valedictorian’s appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy after the student delivered a speech that referenced God and the U.S. Constitution, Fox News has learned.

Hiram Sasser, director of litigation with the Liberty Institute, said Joshua High School principal Mick Cochran threatened to write a letter to the U.S. Naval Academy disparaging the character of Remington Reimer.

“It was intimidating having my high school principal threaten my future because I wanted to stand up for the Constitution and acknowledge my faith and not simply read a government approved speech, the teenager said.

Sasser is now representing the teenager and is calling for the Joshua Independent School District to issue a public statement exonerating him of any wrongdoing.

He said the speech was edited and reviewed by four different school officials – including an officer in the JROTC. Sasser said the cefnsorship violated federal and state laws.

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