……….FIRST YOU NEED TO “DEFROST” The turkey before putting it in the OIL!

SECOND  you need to test how much OIL you need BEFORE YOU put the turkey in so the oil doesn’t overflow and come in contact wth the flame on the burner!

What I would do and probably the easiest thing BEFORE putting the turkey in the HOT OIL…..




Michigan Certifies Trump Win…




Via The Hill:

Donald Trump on Monday was named the winner in Michigan, the last state to be awarded in the presidential election.

The Michigan Board of Canvassers certified its 16 electoral votes to Trump even as an expected recount looms. The Associated Press and NBC News both called the state for the real estate mogul.

The results, submitted by the state’s 83 county clerks, were first posted last Wednesday by Michigan’s secretary of State. They showed Trump leading Hillary Clinton by more than 10,704 votes.

Trump is the first Republican to carry Michigan since 1988. He swept the Rust Belt states that have traditionally trended blue in a stunning victory on Nov. 8. 

Green Party nominee Jill Stein has already filed for recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and plans a similar effort in Michigan. She has 48 hours to file for a recount in Michigan where they would need to count by hand the nearly 4.8 million votes cast. Stein has raised $6.5 million, largely through small donations.

Clinton’s campaign said it will participate in recounts requested by Stein. The former secretary of State leads by more than 2 million votes nationally despite not reaching 270 electoral votes.

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Buh-By Fidel




Castro is dead at 90. He’s roasting in hell with Stalin, Mao, Che, Hugo, and the rest of the rat bastard commie murdering tyrants. Of course all of the liberal pukes in Hollywood and other liberal enclaves will be gushing about what a great job he did in Cuba with health care and literacy rates. Cuba is a socialist paradise to hear them tell it. Of course, none of them want to live in that socialist paradise. They prefer to live in this bastion of capitalism. Freaking hypocrites.

Roast in hell, Fidel!


SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple

Colin Kaepernick Gets Major Boos From Fans In Miami At The Game And Especially From Miami Player Kiko Alonso ( Cuban Descent )


 Communism doesn’t fly with those who have actually experienced it like Kiko Alonso (Cuban descent) delivering a running thigh hit to Kaepernick’s head to end Sunday’s game at the goal line!!! How fitting!……Papa Mike

VIDEO and PICTURE below were POSTED by Papa Mike.



Via Miami Herald:

img_8606A hostile reception was expected at yesterday’s Miami game! And that’s exactly what the Miami crowd gave San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick when he ran onto the field for his first drive of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium.

Even before the 49ers broke the huddle on the sideline, fans loudly booed Kaepernick, who during a conference call on Wednesday made comments praising Fidel Castro. The former Cuban president died two days later.

The exchange came after Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero asked Kaepernick why he chose to wear a T-shirt during a post-game news conference at the beginning of the season depicting several photos including one of Castro meeting with Malcolm X. Among Kaepernick’s comments came praise for Cuba’s literacy rate during Castro’s regime.

Castro, who led a brutal dictatorship in Cuba for over five decades, died Friday at age 90.

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A Trump Strategy to Stop the Clinton’s from Stealing the Election


BOTH Pictures Below Posted By Papa Mike And Not By The Source Of The ARTICLE ….



Below is a list of potential actions the Trump Team should consider in response to the requested and pending state recounts that would allow Hillary & “The Clinton Machine” to steal the 2016 election.

Learn from the Past –

In 2000 Democrat Al Gore tried to steal the election in Florida from Republican GW Bush. Just before the deadline for recount requests, the Gore team petitioned for recounts in just four Florida counties that happened to be heavily Democrat voting counties. If Gore wanted a fair recount he would have selected the entire state. By selecting the heavy Democrat counties Gore was hoping to pick up enough uncounted Democrat votes and steal the election. There was no time for Bush to ask for recounts in all Florida counties when Gore made his recount motion. Bush was leading Gore by 1,700 votes.

After two recounts Bush was still winning. At this point Gore asked for another recount. Gore’s team knew that if Florida did not have a definitive winner by the deadline to file with the federal government, which likely would happen with another time consuming recount that the Florida votes would not be counted and Gore would win the national election based on his lead in Electoral College votes. The Bush team countered the 3rd Gore recount request and it went to the Florida Supreme Court which was Democrat and they agreed with Gore’s request. Next the Bush team went to the US Supreme Court which sided with Bush and the recounts were stopped and Bush won the election and became President.


Don’t Underestimate the Corrupt Clinton Machine

The Gore and Bush teams sent armies to Florida in 2000. It still took the US Supreme Court to step in and stop the Gore camp from stealing the election. This is a big deal. The Clintons have been working on this since election night.

Don’t Count on a Fair US Supreme Court

Currently the balance in the Supreme Court is not in Trump’s favor. The Liberal judges will give the steal to Hillary. Trump must win this battle outright.

Consider recounts in states that Hillary Won and Act Quickly

Trump won Pennsylvania by 70k, Wisconsin by 27k and Michigan by 10k. Hillary won New Hampshire by less than 3k, Maine (3 of 4) by less than 20k, Nevada by 27k, and Minnesota 45k. If Hillary were to steal Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan she would be ahead in the Electoral College voting 278 to 260 and therefore Trump would have to gain 9 Electoral College votes from Clinton to counter her recount steal. Winning New Hampshire (4) and Nevada (6) would give Trump the recount steal block.

Solicit for Money and Volunteers

Michigan Republicans have solicited for both money and people to help with possible recounts there. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania must get on the ball. This could be a good thing for their coffers if they are smart. If they allow the Clinton steal due to their ineptitude it will never be forgotten. Thousands of good volunteers will also been needed.

Risk Rate Areas of Concern and Focus Resources There

Democrats do not play fair so you must determine if you want to pick up Republican votes or diminish Democrat votes or both. Use data analytics to determine which locations to focus on. Obtain recent death lists and run this against Democrat voter lists. If able to determine US citizenship, challenge all Democrat votes where citizenship was not verified. If able to determine past felony records run this against the Democrat voter records. If able to determine residency run this against Democrat voter records. Review everything and focus on high risk areas.

Train Volunteers

Teach volunteers what to look for. Split up volunteers and ask for more than two Republicans at each recount desk at each recount site. Ask them to challenge every Democrat vote. Be alert for big changes. Keep an eye on your surroundings and demand dual controls on everything (make sure at least two people perform every task).

Auditing 101 – Trust Your Gut

If something looks fishy it probably is. With the Clintons everything if fishy, crooked and corrupt. Trust your instincts and challenge everything because the Clintons are in for the steal and have been working on this for longer than anyone knows.

Jill Stein is just a decoy and is gaining something for her efforts. The Clintons are behind this and would not be doing this if they didn’t think they could make the steal.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Shock Report: Clintons Attempting to Steal Election


As reported earlier today, corrupt Hillary Clinton is not accepting her defeat in the recent Presidential election. Instead, in ways only the corrupt Clinton’s could conjure up, she has put in place a process to steal the election.

Jill Stein’s election recount is being paid for by a bot!

Via Paul Joseph Watson:



The source claims that the beginning of this corrupt plan to steal the election from President Trump began earlier in the week when a group of “scientists” claimed that the election results were hacked and suggested recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Overturning these three states would give Clinton the election. Despite nearly the entire nation voting for Trump by county, except in major cities, these scientists claim potential voter issues. Even shamed pollster Nate Silver stated these allegations were wrong and that Michigan did mostly paper voting so computer tampering would not appear there.

Next the mainstream media reports that Russia may be behind the hacking. Again, highly suspect but part of the Clinton theft plan.

Then rather than pious Hillary step in to claim recounts in these three Midwestern states, Jill Stein, who ran for President under the Green Party and received less than 1.4 million votes country-wide starts a petition to pay for recounts in just these three states.

Stein started her fundraising online with a goal of $2.5 million on November 24th. Overnight on the hour, her fund received $160,000 every hour.

These were not random people donating at 3am to her campaign but rather some “bot” that increased her account by this amount on the hour.

Now Stein has raised more than $4.5 million and has filed for a recount in Wisconsin where she won 30,942 votes to Trump’s winning 1,411,432 votes.


The plan is in action to steal the election for Hillary. Stein gets rich and maybe an appointment. Hillary keeps the Clinton Foundation alive – And to hell with America.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit