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 If the U.S. Presidential Election were being held today who would you vote for?



Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein Other

Note: They have disabled “comments” on this poll because they really don’t want or need to hear what a bad person you think the other candidates are.  This is just a fun poll to see how the numbers line up AND THERE IS NO ONE ASKING FOR YOU TO DONATE “MONEY”

How to Tell if Your Phone Is Tapped


If you have reason to believe that your cell phone or landline phone might be tapped, there are a few clues you can look for that can support your suspicions. Many of these indicators can be caused by other sources, though, so you need to check for multiple signs rather than only relying on one. Once you have enough evidence, you can go to the officials for help. Here’s what to look for if you suspect that someone has installed a listening device on your phone.

1) Be concerned when your secrets get out. If secure information that only a small number of trusted individuals should know suddenly gets out, there might be some chance that the leak came about as a result of a phone tap, particularly if you have discussed the information over the phone at some point.
This is of particular significance if you are in a position that makes you a valuable person to spy on. For instance, if you have a high-level position in a powerful company with many competitors, you might be in danger of falling victim to the underground information industry.
On the other hand, your reasons for being tapped could also be as simple as going through a messy divorce. Your soon-to-be-ex-spouse might wiretap you if he or she wants to dig up information that could be useful during the divorce proceedings.
If you want to test this out, you can do so by confiding a fake piece of information that seems important to someone you know you can trust not to tell. If that piece of information gets out, you know that someone else was listening in.

2). Stay alert if you have suffered a recent burglary. If your home was recently robbed or broken into but nothing of value was taken, that alone should suggest to you that something is odd. Sometimes this can suggest that someone broke into your home for the sake of putting a wiretap on your phone.

3) Listen for background noise. If you hear a great deal of static or other background noise when you talk to people on the phone, there is a chance that the noise is coming from interference created by a tap.
This is not the best of signs when taken alone, though, since echoes, static, and clicking can also be caused by random interference or a bad connection.
Static, scratching, and popping can be caused by a capacitive discharge resulting from two conductors being connected.
High-pitched humming is an even greater indication.
You can check for sounds that your ear cannot pick up by using a sound-bandwidth sensor on a low frequency. If the indicator pops up several times per minute, your phone may very well be tapped.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch Had ‘Secret’ Meetings at White House About Email Probe








Ed Klein, author of Guilty as Sin, said on Fox & Friends that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was going to the White House for “secret” meetings to keep the president up to date on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

He said that despite assurances to the public that the FBI would be conducting an independent investigation, Lynch was working with the White House on a “strategy” to make sure the former secretary of state would not face charges.

“[Lynch] was secretly going to the White House with FBI documents and filling in Valerie Jarrett and the President about what was going on so that they could get a strategy to make sure that [Clinton] would not be indicted,” said Klein, citing sources inside the Obama administration, others that were in the Clinton administration and sources “very close to” Jarrett, Obama’s top adviser.

Klein explained that originally, Obama wanted all documents concerning Clinton’s emails to be turned over to the FBI and wanted her to face indictment so that Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren could become the Democratic nominee.

“[Obama] and Bill Clinton are blood feud guys. They really dislike each other and his feeling was if the Clintons got in the White House, the Obamas would be marginalized,” said Klein, adding that Obama changed course when he realized he was “stuck with” Clinton as the nominee against Donald Trump.

Klein was then asked about Clinton’s health in light of her recent bout of pneumonia and a near-collapse in public following a 9/11 commemoration.

According to his sources, Klein said Mrs. Clinton suffers from a heart valve problem that hasn’t been corrected because she did not want health questions to dog her presidential run.

“She has a tendency, as we all know, to blood clot, so if she faints because of her low blood pressure and hits her head, she could have a blood clot that could be fatal,” he added.

Watch the interview VIDEO above and past Fox News appearances by Ed Klein, here.

Source: FOXNews

Specific Info’ Forces WikiLeaks To Move Anticipated Announcement To Berlin



Video Here

Julian Assange canceled a dramatic London balcony address on Tuesday in favor of a video presentation in Berlin after WikiLeaks developed “specific information” regarding Assange’s safety, the leaked emails clearinghouse tweeted on Monday afternoon.

Some believe the video announcement by the WikiLeaks founder could be an “October surprise” geared towards the U.S. presidential election. Supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump have said they believe the announcement will be damaging to the candidacy of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Assange, 45, who has lived in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for five years as officials in Sweden have sought him on criminal charges, is set to address supporters in Berlin via a video link at 3 a.m. ET.

“I don’t want to give it away,” Assange told Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly in August, when he indicated he had a major scoop that could influence the race. “But it’s a variety of documents, from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

In a subsequent interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity last month, Assange said his next round of revelations was coming “reasonably soon.”

“The first batch is reasonably soon,” he told Hannity. “We are quite confident about it now.”

Assange has already played a key role in the presidential race, with the release of 20,000 internal emails that indicated the Democratic National Committee appeared to conspire to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination. Those revelations surfaced in August, just before the party’s convention, proving embarrassing to Clinton’s campaign. They also led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.



Though no recent public revelations directly tie to Assange’s security fears, various U.S. officials and pundits have made threatening statements directed at him in the past. WikiLeaks on Monday tweeted an alleged quote from a 2010 State Department meeting at which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked if Assange could be killed in a drone strike. That same year, former Democrat strategist Bob Beckel said on Fox News Channel that “a dead man can’t leak stuff.”

Assange also has hinted that deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich may have been a source for WikiLeaks. Rich, 27, was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the back at a Washington, D.C., intersection in July. He died soon thereafter. Authorities believe Rich was the target of a botched robbery, but his death has inspired conspiracy theories.
WikiLeaks has published more than 10 million leaked emails, including sensitive information about prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and a cache of diplomatic cables from U.S. embassies around the world.


BOOM! Former Bernie Sanders Racial Justice Director GOES OFF on Hillary: “I Did Not Grow Up in Mommy’s Basement!” (VIDEO)


Former racial justice director for Bernie Sanders Tezlyn Figaro went off on Hillary Clinton Monday on Hannity.

This comes after Hillary Clinton trashed Bernie Sanders supporters in leaked audio from a fundraiser in February.

I have news for Hillary Clinton and everyone who supports her. I did not grow up in mommy’s basement in Oklahoma. The only time I was in a basement was when I was running from an Oklahoma tornado. I grew up with the shirt on my back at 18 when I went to Dallas with no car and no job, became a business owner with 300 paid employees. No one has ever gave me anything. I never looked for anything for free. I never got anything from this country that I didn’t earn while I served my time in the US Air Force. So for her to say they we grew up in mommy’s basement, well what type of basement did Chelsea Clinton grow up in? Because in north side of Oklahoma City her basement was sure a lot nicer than mine.



SOURCE: Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit Oct 3rd, 2016 

STUNNING PHOTO: Even Press Blows Off Hillary Clinton’s Akron, Ohio Rally

STUNNING PHOTO: Even Press Tires of Hillary–


A bizarre behind the scenes image from the campaign trail was posted Monday that bespoke a lack of interest in the media in covering Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. With just over one month to go until election day, Clinton campaigned in the bellwether state of Ohio, holding rallies in Toledo and Akron. Both Clinton rallies were held in small halls with small crowds as has been her pattern.

My gosh!
Hillary Clinton has given up on trying to fill high school gymnasiums.



Today she held a major campaign rally in a small room in Toledo, Ohio.

What was different on this day was the lack of press interest in reporting on Clinton in person. The month of October in a tight presidential contest like this one usually brings out reporters looking to at least burnish their resumes or finish their election books.

But not for Hillary Clinton.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick posted a photo to Twitter Monday evening from Clinton’s Akron rally that showed a nearly empty press pen. Chozick lamented the lack of interest by her fellow reporters.


“I’m old enough to remember when reporters chased after Clinton’s van & crammed into her events. Today’s press file:”

In contrast, this writer took photos of last Tuesday’s post-debate rally in Melbourne, Florida by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that showed a packed press pen.


SOURCE: Kristinn Taylor With The Gateway Pundit  / Oct 3rd, 2016

Robin Williams “The American Flag 1982” VIDEO



If the brave Marine in the picture below can STAND WITHOUT LEGS, Kaepernick you can do the same WITH LEGS, if not, GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! The “Framers” who signed the original Constitution did NOT in anyway, think what your doing, is some kind of “RIGHT” you have under the First Amendment! Perhaps some of our “sports actors” should take a look……..Papa Mike


To see how the Marine is standing “CLICK” ON PICTURE BELOW TO ENLARGE 





How Donald Trump Can Knock Out Hillary Clinton


Trump can take Clinton out. Here’s how: by focusing on the issues Donald Trump Jr. brings up in this video clip and continuing to hammer away at them. Trump can remind voters that it’s issues such as these that matter — precisely the issues Hillary Clinton shied away from at the debate — or worse, lied about.

Survey after survey shows that what matters most to Americans is the economy — and that means jobs. Not service-sector jobs like serving food and drinks in the neighborhood bar, but real jobs making real products. Today’s economy under our Democratic president is worse than it was in 2007 before he took office.

And yet, in that same time frame, Barack Obama has doubled the national debt. The people who need help the most — people in urban communities, such as African-Americans and other minorities — are just as badly off as they were years, if not decades ago, under continuous local Democratic governments.

As Donald Trump Jr. says, the time is ripe for change; the system cannot continue to work as it has — the machine is broken, and the people know it.

Hillary Clinton was bold enough to say in the debate that she would raise taxes, but if one looks closely at her tax plan, it won’t be just for rich people; it will be for middle-class Americans as well — the people who can least afford it, given the state of voters’ finances.

If Trump focuses like a laser on these issues, he can knock Hillary out on Election Day.