“What The Hell Is That Thing?”: Mysterious Object Zooming Over Atlantic Ocean Stuns U.S. Navy Pilots (VIDEO)




Footage from 2015 of a mysterious object flying over the Atlantic Ocean was revealed this week. “The sensational two-minute clip, shot on an infra-red camera, captures the moment military personnel aboard a US Navy F/A 18 jet flying at 25,000 feet spotted the bizarre craft,” reports the Sun UK.

“What the f— is that thing?” shouted the pilot in the video posted online by the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a private research company.

“Oh my gosh dude!” exclaimed the jet’s weapons systems officer.

The video was shot off the East Coast in 2015. To the Stars Academy did not say how it obtained the declassified footage, but said others could obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Christopher Mellon, who served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, believes the object could be evidence not of a UFO, but rather of being “technologically leap-frogged by Russia or China.”

Mellon also contends the footage might “be evidence of some alien civilization.”

“Unfortunately, we have no idea, because we aren’t even seeking answers.”

HAH! Elizabeth Warren Asked if She’ll Take a Spit Test on FOX News Sunday – Dodges Question (Video)



Warren was listed as a “woman of color” in the 1993 Harvard student journal.

In 2012 Elizabeth Warren admitted she told Harvard Law she was Native American.


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren went on FOX News Sunday today and was grilled on her phony Indian heritage.

Elizabeth Warren lied about her heritage to jump over qualified minority candidates and land a position at Harvard University.
Elizabeth Warren was listed as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” in 1997 law review piece on diversity and affirmative action!

Elizabeth Warren pushed back hard on questions about a Harvard Crimson piece in 1996 that described her as Native American, saying she had no idea the school where she taught law was billing her that way and saying it never came up during her hiring a year earlier, which others have backed up.

But a 1997 Fordham Law Review piece described her as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color,” based, according to the notes at the bottom of the story, on a “telephone interview with Michael Chmura, News Director, Harvard Law (Aug. 6, 1996).”

Warren was listed as a “woman of color” in the 1993 Harvard student journal.


Hannity Battles Ramos on Immigration: ‘Are You Literally Saying They’re Lying?’



Sean Hannity debated Univision anchor Jorge Ramos over the legitimacy of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to enforce federal immigration law in California.

Sessions said Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) government cannot ban local authorities from cooperating with federal agents.

Hannity asked Ramos if he supports deporting illegal immigrants who commit further crimes, or whether Brown’s policy should stand.

“The vast majority of immigrants… are not criminals,” Ramos responded.

Hannity asked Ramos to not reiterate “talking points” and stick to the questions.

“I’m not here to defend criminals,” Ramos then clarified.

But, he added that President Trump’s policies appear to criminalize an entire race, but that he believes “not all white people” are responsible for the actions of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock.

Hannity replied that he visited the border and sat through a discussion with agents and then-Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas).

While there, Hannity was informed that 642,000 crimes were committed against Texans by illegal immigrants in a seven-year period, which led to further debate with Ramos.

“Are you literally saying to me that they’re lying?” Hannity asked.

Watch the full debate above.

California Today: Is the Long-Looming Pension Crisis Already Here?


David Crane, a lecturer at Stanford and a former adviser to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the bringer of bad news. For more than a decade, Mr. Crane, a San Francisco Democrat and former investment banker, has been forecasting a disaster in California’s pension system. He was removed from the board of directors that oversees benefits paid to California’s teachers after repeatedly warning that the fund’s investment assumptions were too rosy, and since then has continued to scream about a coming financial reckoning.

Today, in addition to teaching at Stanford, Mr. Crane is the president of Govern for California, a network of political donors whose members include the former mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan, and the Oakland A’s owner John Fisher, and supports candidates from both parties – so long as they are willing to tackle important but politically unpopular issues like pension and education reform.

Below is a condensed interview with Mr. Crane:

Who/what is Govern for California?

It’s a network of about 300 donors and growing, and they are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. The legislature is a coequal branch of government and governors can’t do anything without them. Generally speaking, the only people who know the names of California state legislators are people who feed at the trough or benefit from new legislation. The people who get screwed are everyone else in California.

The headlines make it seem as if the pension problem is always coming and never here. You say it’s already here. Explain.
State revenues have gone up about 30 percent over the last decade, but state spending on virtually everything other than retirement costs and medical spending – like universities, courts, parks and welfare – is flat to down. That kind of stuff happens because the money is going out the door to something else, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. The way the math works, the problem doubles every seven years.

Oakland schools recently cut their budget $15 million in the ninth year of a bull market and after a 30 percent state tax increase. People are teaching kids but can’t afford to live in their city. That to me is a crisis. School systems can’t afford to hire specialists. That to me is a crisis.


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What’s your suggestion for fixing it?
The easy way was to fix it 13 years ago. Now the state is going to have to cut benefits for people who did nothing wrong, and don’t even have pensions that are that high. Most people will tell you that the cuts are draconian, but it’s not more draconian than what has already happened to taxpayers, college students and young teachers who aren’t getting jobs – or aren’t getting salary increases if they can get jobs.



And that state might find out how wrong very soon.

The Trump Administration is suing California claiming the state interfered with immigration enforcement. It is about time a sanctuary state has been taken to court and if things go well we will see a change in sanctuary policies because no court can reasonably uphold this kind of nonsense.
First things first. The Governor, Jerry Brown and his Attorney General, Xavier Becerra are claiming that the federal government has no right here and that the Tenth Amendment is involved and as such they have a right to do as they wish. They are mistaken, of course. The Tenth Amendment only applies to things the Constitution does not delegate to the federal government or prohibit from the states.

Immigration is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution but the US is granted the power over immigration in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 10 (Power… To define and punish … offenses against the Law of Nations). There is an excellent article outlining this here. It is important to note that the state of Arizona passed its own immigration reform laws during the Obama regime and those laws nearly mirrored the federal laws. The Court struck those laws down (they were challenged by the Obama regime) because the federal government has supremacy in immigration law (that is the ruling).
Why would Arizona have these laws if they are the same as the feds? Because the federal government was not enforcing the law. The state passed the laws so it could protect itself from the harm federal inaction caused. The Court shot it down. Obama wanted it shot down so that illegals would be able to stay here. This was all swell with liberals because it gave them what they wanted.
Now the feds are challenging California because its laws are opposite federal law and they are preventing the federal government from doing its job. The airhead politicos in CA think they have the right to do this. Funny thing is CA is never concerned with any other state’s right to do things. CA is opposed to states that ban abortion or same sex marriage and will speak out against them. If CA believes it has the right to ignore federal law why can’t other states do so as well?

The state of California is on shaky ground here BUT it could very well win the suit. Look at how many activist judges have ruled improperly on many issues that have been challenged since Trump became president. These judges base their rulings on their political views and ignore the Constitution for fear of not being invited to the next big liberal cocktail party. Hell, I would not be surprised if the same court that ruled against Arizona ruled in favor of California. This is how out of control the judiciary is.
I think this will eventually make it to the Supreme Court and if those cowards don’t punt the ruling should go in favor of the federal government and against CA. Imagine if CA loses. The cities and states that are sanctuary will start to fall once swept up in the domino effect.
For a very long time liberal policies on immigration have been pushed while the rule of law ignored. Donald Trump is finally enforcing the laws and the liberals do not like it. It is about time we started fighting back against this insanity.
If there is justice in the world we will all see Governor Brown and his AG shown for the fools they are.

SOURCE:  Big Dog


Knowing Californians, He’ll Win In A landslide


Meet Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 2018 primary candidate for California’s 50th Congressional District: According to his website, he’s just your run-of-the-mill southern California Democrat.

He’s a gun-grabber from the word go, utterly dedicated to a woman’s right to murder the fruit of her womb, and celebrates the full range of possible psycho-sexual unions, including, generously, the one likely to bear such fruit. He favors Medicare for all without a hint of how to pay for it, and he demands the total abolition of any meaningful border between California and the drug cartels.

Oh, yes — he happens to be the grandson of one of the masterminds of the 1972 slaughter of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics.


A Crooked Mexican Judge? No Way That Can’t Be!…That Be!!

Tijuana municipal judge is charged with drug smuggling after 38 pounds of cocaine were found hidden in his Jeep Liberty while crossing the border, according to a complaint filed in San Diego federal court.

Eduardo Francisco Sais Peinado was arrested Feb. 10 at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to the complaint and jail records.


Hollywood Condemns NRA While Dramatically Increasing Gun Violence In Entertainment


NRA has nothing to do with ‘gun violence.’ Hollywood is the violent one.

Via Washington Times:

Hollywood declared war on American gun culture in 2013 with a public service announcement calling for stricter gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Now the industry is back on the attack in the wake of the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Stars including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and the cast of ABC’s “Modern Family” support this month’s March for Our Lives rally for stricter gun legislation.

Yet a study by the Parents Television Council shows that portrayals of gun violence on television have increased dramatically in recent years, even in shows deemed appropriate for children.

The entertainment industry’s love of gunplay and hatred for firearms muddles, if not negates, Hollywood’s role in a constructive conversation on the Second Amendment.


Pro-Life Actress Candace Cameron Bure: “Being a Woman’ Means Relying on God”


One actress is celebrating God and womanhood in honor of International Women’s Day – and it’s a breath of fresh air after Sunday’s political Academy Awards.

On Thursday, Fuller House actress and former View co-host Candace Cameron Bure took to Instagram to share her thoughts on International Women’s Day. While posting a photo of herself with her now 19-year-old daughter, Natasha, she described in the caption what it means to be a woman.

Her post, she said, was inspired by a girlfriend who asked her how she would define “being a woman.” Among other things, she pointed to femininity and God.

“It means embracing my natural God given qualities and characteristics as a woman,” she wrote. “Embracing my femininity, my love of beauty, feeling beautiful, my nurturing qualities and desire to protect and take care of others.”

And a woman’s strength, she added, goes hand in hand with a reliance on God.

“It’s about being strong mentally and emotionally, but dependent on God, and an example to those around me, like my daughter and yours,” she stressed. “At times it means being meek- having strength that is under control- not to be confused with weakness.”

For her part, she concluded that she “love[s] being a woman and everything that goes along with it,” and urged women to support one another.

“Cheers to all the incredible woman who have come before me and have influenced me to be the woman I am today,” she said. “I pray I do the same, for the one in the photo and for all those I may impact in some small way.”

When it comes to faith, Cameron Bure has never been shy about talking God.

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As an evangelical Christian, Cameron Bure has been labeled “controversial” by media in the past. During her time at The View, from 2015 to 2016, she garnered recognition as a conservative, pro-life voice. After leaving, she revealed that she “prayed a lot” to survive the show. When she won favorite comedy TV actress for her role in Fuller House at the Teen Choice Awards last year, Cameron Bure advised teens to “dream big, but pray harder.”


Joy Behar Caves, Apologizes For Mocking Mike Pence’s Faith



“The View” co-host and known liberal bigot Joy Behar reportedly apologized to Vice President Mike Pence for despicable comments she made about his Christian faith last month.
Wall Street Journal reporter Joe Flint first tweeted Thursday that Disney CEO Bob Iger said during a shareholder meeting that he “took exception” to Behar’s comment, but that she apologized to Pence.

Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller also tweeted that Behar apologized and further stated that Iger “agrees that was appropriate.”

Disney owns ABC, the network that airs “The View.” Following Behar’s comment, many industry watchdogs suggested that ABC News separate itself from the show and move it over to the network’s entertainment division.

On the Feb. 13 episode of the show, “The View” panel criticized Pence’s faith when co-host Sunny Hostin said, “I don’t know that I want my vice president, um — speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him.” Behar then chimed in and equated hearing from Jesus with “mental illness.”



Pence shot back at the comment, seemingly suggesting that ABC put an end to “The View.” “To have ABC maintain a broadcast forum that compared Christianity to mental illness is just wrong,” he said. “It is simply wrong for ABC to have a television program that expresses that kind of religious intolerance.”
This is far from the first time Behar has offended an entire group of people while on “The View.” She routinely attacks Republicans as a whole and disparages women with whom she disagrees. In October 2016, she was forced to issue an apology after victim-blaming the accusers of former President Bill Clinton.
However, when Oprah Winfrey recently said that God hasn’t told her to run for president, Behar was notably silent. Clearly, Oprah’s affiliation with the Democratic Party kept her immune from Behar’s ridicule.

This Is Why Your Internet Sucks


On your phone, at home or in public, there are countless reasons why your internet speed may be unbearably slow. Here are some of the most common culprits.

When we first got access to the internet, it wasn’t uncommon to have to wait five minutes or more to make a connection. Today, though, our eyes bulge in frustration when a website won’t load in a matter of seconds.

When there’s little or no signal, it’s obvious why web pages are slow to load or you can’t post a photo to Facebook. But what about when your Wi-Fi signal is supposed to be strong, but pages still load achingly slowly? Here are some of the most common reasons your internet sucks.

At home

You have an outdated plan that delivers slow speeds. If you haven’t changed your service for a few years, call your internet service provider and check that you’re on the best plan for your personal needs. With fiber technology and gigabit service plans becoming increasingly common, you may be surprised by what’s changed since you first signed up.

You’re too far from the router. For many households, a single router hidden in a corner is not enough. Placing your router in an elevated, centralized location should help, and you may want to consider network extenders or upgrading to a mesh network.

You have an outdated router. While routers can wear out over time, it’s more likely that an older router can’t take advantage of new standards, such as 802.11ac, which can handle faster speeds. Check your router’s specs and consider an upgrade if it’s a few years old. Not sure where to start? Refer to our router buying guide for help.

Interference, in most cases, is out of your hands. Many electronics around your house, such as Bluetooth devices, smart home gadgets and even microwaves, operate around the same 2.4GHz frequency as your router. If you live in an apartment complex, you’re likely also getting interference from other wireless networks nearby. Fortunately, many modern routers come equipped with the less commonly used 5GHz band and will use the channel with the least interference upon rebooting. Try power cycling the router if your Wi-Fi is at a crawl or use a Wi-Fi analyzer tool to check for the best channel and then set it manually using your router’s admin portal.

On your phone

Just because the icon shows you’re in a strong service area doesn’t mean you can watch that YouTube video without buffering. Before throwing your phone in frustration, consider the following culprits for a pokey connection.