PARTY OF GHOULS: Only 2 of 20 Democrats Vote to Save a Born Alive Baby in Alabama

Only 2 of 20 Democrats in Alabama voted to save the life of a baby after it was born alive during a botched abortion.
The other 18 wants the baby dead… after it was born!

This is ghoulish.

The vote on Tuesday was 66-18 with only 2 Democrats voting with Republicans to save babies after they were born. reported:

The House of Representatives passed a bill by Rep. Ginny Shaver, R-Leesburg, that says if a child is born alive after an attempted abortion the doctor who tried to abort the child must try to preserve its life and health or face criminal penalties.

Republicans supporting the measure said it was basic human decency. Democratic lawmakers questioned the purpose and read letters from doctors saying that the situation suggested by the bill doesn’t happen in Alabama.

The bill passed by a vote of 66-18 along party lines after the Republican majority voted to cut off debate. Most Republicans voted yes and most Democrats voted no. The bill moves to the Senate.