“…But know this: the next election is fourteen months away. And the people who sent us here – the people who hired us to work for them – they don’t have the luxury of waiting fourteen months. Some of them are living week to week; paycheck to paycheck; even day to day. They need help, and they need it now…” ~President Barack Obama, 9/8/2011

Most paragraphs, in the speech last night, began with the command “pass this bill.” That’s what most of the ‘pundits’ took from last night’s joint Congress speech by the President. Obama said “Pass this bill,” in a sort of obsessive incantation, seventeen times.

But what stood out most to me (and yes, I watched the speech in its entirety) was The President invoking GOD a few times (he’s been doing it more and more lately). I was surprised none of the commentators made note of it. This is a President that began his term with an almost-disdain for God, religion and patriotic pride…and here he was yelling ‘God bless you and God Bless the United Stated of America’ over the clapping at the end of the speech with an obligatory flag pin in his lapel–all George W. Bush style.

To me, this is as insulting as the “clinging to guns and religion,” because it’s so obviously just campaign pandering…so obviously actions and words born from polling and personal advisers…

(If you’re interested, the text of the speech can be found ( HERE )

Author: Papa Mike