POWER TRIP Fury As Texas Homeowners Hit With Eye-Watering Electricity Bills Up To $17,000 Due To ‘High Demand’ During Freeze


TEXAS homeowners have been hit with more than brutal winter storms – they are getting accompanying massive electricity bills.

Electricity bills for Texans shot up as high as $17,000 per month following a nasty winter storm that caused power outages and wrecked havoc.

The outages created a huge demand for heat, which drove up utility bills for many suffering residents.

Rates in Texas jumped from $50 to $9,000 per Megawatt in some instances as demand soared during the energy crisis, according to WFAA.

Dallas resident Ty Williams’ bill spiked from $600 last month to almost $17,000 so far this month, he told news station.

“How in the world can anyone pay that?” said Williams, who got his bill from the energy company Griddy.

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