‘RIP’ Steve

Steve Jobs last week. He was a brilliant man and a real innovator. Love ’em or not, Macs are good computers and their users are fanatical about them.

He was pushed out of Apple by the CEO he hired to run the company. I guess he thought a real businessman should be the CEO. How did that work out? Apple went into the toilet. Apple needed a real visionary like Jobs. He came back and once again, Apple took off. A real simple invention was the iPod. A thousand songs in your pocket. He revolutionized cell phones withe the iPhone.

What other ideas did he have swirling around in his brain? We’ll never know. He was only 56 years old. Way too young to die.

Like Bill gates, he was another college dropout who became incredibly rich at a very young age.

RIP Steve. We’ll miss you.

Hat Tip To The Unknown Author!