Ron Paul Explains Why Jihadists Have Lots Of Good Reasons To Kill Americans…

I listened to this exchange this evening in the Republicans debate and I have to agree with what Congressman Paul was saying about how the U.S. has no right to “nation build” all over the world and we do need to pull back most of our military bases in just about every country.  He even complimented Bush on his platform when he won the presidency that included things like we can not be the policemen of the world and NO NATION BUILDING…. BUT it all ended there, especially after Rick Santorum asked him about his article today on blaming the United States for 9/11….here just watch the video and you decide if Paul has a chance in HELL becoming the Republican nominee and then defeating Obama for the presidency in 2012?????……I really like Ron Paul and I agree with a lot of different issues, but when he gets on that “truther” stuff and acts like Prison Planet/Alex Jones is when he looses all his credibility. When I listen to him he can really excite me, but then there is times when I want to throw something at the TV….and tonight if there was a shoe near by my TV would have fallen off the wall!


Well, that oughta cinch that failed campaign run again.

“Al-Qaeda’s own useful idiot”.