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Decades ago in Western civilization, when a guy’s voice dropped about an octave and the fuzz on his chin turned dark and he had completed a decent secondary education, he was considered a man and expected to act and produce like one.

Girls, of course, for a variety of reasons, always matured much earlier, both physically and psychologically, so they were already prepared for acting and performing like mature adults when they graduated from high school.

So basically one day you were an 18-yr-old kid, a rascal, a scamp, a prankster, and a bit of a scoundrel at times. The next day you were an 18-yr-old young adult with a piece of paper in your hand certifying that you’d been exposed to a good education.

And you knew that failure to settle down and become a productive member of the community meant failure, scorn, retribution, and eventually expulsion from the safety of the clan, the town, the privileges and benefits of citizenship. Ahhh, ou sont les réalités d’antan.

Today adolescence has been extended from that traditional date of high-school graduation, usually sometime during a person’s 18th year, all the way up to 25 or beyond, until Mom finally gets tired of the clutter and smell in her basement and tells her precious, pierced, tattooed, bewhiskered snowflake to either get out or start paying rent with his degree in fine arts and his job as a barista at Starbuck’s.

The generation which convinced itself that eating Tide Pods is a good thing is now using those same brains to demand abolishing the NRA because they heard from a very reliable source of gossip that it (along with white males,especially Bible-totin pickup-drivin rednecks) is the source of all evil in the US.

Dianne Feinstein, who employs several armed security people to protect HER aging ass, wants to raise long-gun purchase age requirement to 21, saying that people who can’t buy beer shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15.

The problem with her logic is that each year tens of thousands of 18-yr-olds are issued BY GUBMINT fully-automatic rifles and expected to offer their young lives to protect the documents she wants to take a chisel and white-out to, and while they’re out there fighting terror and oppression, she’d like them to cast their votes for her and her ilk.

More teenagers kill themselves and their friends every week by texting while driving than mass school shooters kill in a year, but nobody’s demanding that the age for fone ownership be raised to 21. Surprising, then, that many liberal politicians are considering lowering the voting age to 16. Say WHAT?!

While I admit to being on the fence on the issue of private ownership of hi-capacity-mag easily-convertible semi-auto rifles, I am most definitely NOT on the fence where chiseling away at the foundations of the Constitution and its BOR is concerned.

I can envision a future in which John Q. might actually NEED a converted hi-capacity rifle for his very survival when threatened by the oppression of a well-armed and thoroughly corrupt radical tax-and-spend government with bizarre laws and double standards of application.

OF COURSE nobody needs a full-auto for hunting deer or pheasant or duck. But remember that during the Dark Ages there were NO guns. That’s why it was so damned enlightened . . . and peaceful . . . back then and life expectancy was mid-30s.

Government has demonstrated its inability to keep drugs off our street corners . . . out of our schools . . . even out of jails and prisons – but that same government now is considering disarming law-abiding citizens and asking them to trust that it can keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. Yeah, good luck widdat.

Generally speaking, the cops are at LEAST 5 minutes away even after you’ve made that 9-11 call, and sometimes they’re not going to wade into the fray and take on the shooter after they DO show up, preferring instead to follow procedure, establish a perimeter, and assess the situation before acting.

Ron off.

So that’s what the cowards of Broward were doing rather than using their guns to try to stop the slaughter.

Ron on.

So, since a Glock 9 is a helluva lot easier to carry around than a cop, I say let’s leave the 2nd Amendment alone . . . ‘cuz with a MINIMUM of 350 to 400 million privately owned firearms in this country already, if guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens were the real problem, we’d be experiencing negative population growth on a scale to make the black plague look like one of Hillary’s coughing spasms.

Ron off.

When was the last time an NRA member went on a shooting rampage? Bueller? Anyone? NRA members are law abiding citizens who are being scapegoated to cover up the failure of gummint to protect children in schools. The ones who are doing these shootings are immigrants, Dimocrats, children of Dimocrats, and kids on psychotropic drugs.

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple / Ron

Author: Papa Mike


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