Senator Rand Paul: Let Me Be Blunt!

Will you act at once to stop President Obama and the abortion lobby from unleashing billions of tax dollars for the destruction of innocent, unborn human life?

If so, I hope you will sign the petition to your two United States Senators and Congressman.

The fact is the Obama Administration and pro-abortion politicians in the last Congress pushed through a litany of radical plans to fund their friends in the abortion lobby at a cost of up to 12 billion of your tax dollars.

For instance, they rammed through legislation that:
***    Will directly channel $7 billion in taxpayer funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood under the guise of “community health services;”

***    Will force ALL taxpayers to buy “government approved” insurance plans that MUST pay for abortive drugs and procedures;

***    Forces taxpayers to spend millions more to promote the abortion industry’s newest abortifacient drugs;

***    Opens the floodgates of tax dollars for abortion under the guise of “foreign aid,” side-stepping Ronald Reagan’s long-standing “Mexico City Policy.”

That’s why I hope you will sign your petition to the National Pro-Life Alliance at once by clicking here.