Snowflake Wants To Tax Ammo At 50%

Connecticut DIMocrat State Rep Jillian Gilchrest (D-13) recently introduced a bill that would tax ammunition.

HB 5700 would impose a 50% tax increase on ammo. Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax, but if you’re a Connecticut, you’re out of luck.

Naturally, gun owners have been up in arms about this blatant infringement on their right to self-defense. On the other hand, Gilchrest has been completely befuddled at the backlash she has received from gun owners.


What gets me about the recent wave of proposed ammo restrictions is these idiots don’t realize that you don’t just pick up a gun, squeeze the trigger and watch your bullet hit the bullseye every time. Nope, it takes practice to get your bullet to hit the bullseye even sometimes. Not only that, but it takes continuous practice to be able to keep hitting your target.
I guess they want us all to shoot like NYPD cops, bullets flying everywhere with innocent bystanders laying in the streets bleeding out while the guy you were shooting at strolls away, laughing and counting your money.

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