Social Inequality



OK NFL Kneegroes, you say you are kneeling to protest “social inequality”. So let’s talk about social inequality. Howza ’bout crime? You guys should be well acquainted with that since most of you have arrest records.

Africans make up 13% of the population but commit over 50% of the crime. How’s that for social inequality? But wait! It gets worse! That crime is mainly committed by males so that knocks it down to 6.5%. But wait! There’s more! Most of the crime is committed by males between 15 and 45 so that prolly knocks it down to 3%. So 3% of the population commits over half the crime in this country and you are bitching about social inequality? Holy crap! We white people are the ones who should be taking the knee to protest social inequality caused by Africans!

The gun grabbers are all clutching their pearls about the 59 people shot in Las Vegas. Yannow what 59 people shot and killed is? A normal month in Chicago where Africans kill other Africans. There have been 565 homicides so far this year, most of them Africans. That’s just one city. Where is Black Lives Matter on that? If all of the Africans were to mysteriously vanish from America, this would be one of the safest countries in the world. More social inequality caused by Africans.

You complain about police brutality. Here’s a novel solution. QUIT COMMITTING CRIMES! Anyhow, most of the police brutality you bitch about is hyped from a few publicized cases like Rodney King. Cops get just as brutal to white people. Bad cops are bad cops. And would it surprise you to hear that more whites are killed by cops that Africans even though Africans commit more crime?

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple 

Africans are over-represented in the prison population. Of course they are. THEY COMMIT MORE CRIME! And the only reason many of you guys aren’t in prison is because you are professional athletes. Guess what? When you kill the NFL, which is what you booger eatin’ moh-rons are in the process of doing, you won’t get that Get Out Of Jail Free Card anymore. You won’t have the NFL bail you out because you’re a star player. You’ll be doing time with your fellow African thugs.

You dudes are too stupid to realize that you are simply tools of liberals who want to kill professional football. They have been trying to do it for years and now they have you guys doing their work for them. TV ratings are in the ditch and the NFL is having trouble filling stadiums. Yannow what that means? Less profits. Smaller salary cap. Smaller salaries and players on the cusp cut due to salary cap reasons. Welcome to the unemployment line for protesting “social inequality” largely caused by Africans who have done it to themselves.

Yeah. I’m blaming the victim. I’m blaming the 13 year old African girl who gets pregnant and guarantees herself to a life of poverty. I’m blaming the fact that 3 out of 4 African children are born to single mothers. I’m blaming the high dropout rate and low graduation levels in the African community. I’m blaming the culture that sez that doing well in school is “acting white”. I’m blaming the role models boys with no fathers have of pimps, drug dealers (drug dealer Freddie Grey just had a recreational center named after him in Baltimore – how stupid is that?), obscenity spouting rappers who denigrate women, and semi-literate athletes like you Kneegroes who are disrespecting the flag. They should be looking up to successful black men like Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Clarence Thomas but they’re called Uncle Toms by your leaders. There’s part of your social inequality right there.

I could go on and on about how you eat up gummint resources with welfare, EBT and Section 8 housing and all of the money we have wasted trying to lift you up into the middle class but it’s nothing that I haven’t written before many times. I’m kinda enjoying watching you stupid Kneegroes commit economic suicide due to your own stupidity. The NFL is over for me and many others until the owners get some stones and put a stop to your stupidity. If they don’t? Enjoy prison.


SOURCE:  Grouchy Old Cripple 


Author: Papa Mike


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