Social Security Reform

Those of you paying attention know that the Social Security “Trust Fund” is broke. The politicians of both parties raided it to mask the size of the deficit and spent it on vote buying programs. It’s amazing! Politicians have the unmitigated gall to bribe us WITH OUR OWN MONEY that they have seized from us, and we have a dumbed down electorate that lets them get away with it. All that is left in the “Trust Find” is a bunch of IOU’s by the gummint.

Dear American people: You’re SCREWED! Signed, the political class.

If a business did this, it would have to carry those IOU’s on their books as unfunded liabilities, but since Congress exempts itself from the accounting rules that it imposes on business they can get away with it and uninformed voters don’t know how bad our financial house of cards really is. Then they exacerbate the program by cutting the Social Security tax. Sorry all of you young voters who put Oblamebush in office. Good luck getting Social Security checks when you’re my age. You fucked yourself. How does it feel?

There is a solution. Here it is.



Author: Papa Mike