Still The Greatest Country On The Planet

Ever notice you never heard of anyone going to China and raving about the Chop Suey?

Here are some quotes from Non Americans who came here, tried some of our food and want to take it back with them.

Nothing too special here either mind you.


“Growing up in India, I met a man who had been to America. He told me when I got to America, try this thing called a “Chili dog”… it’s amazing, he said.”



“A Big. Burger. (Aussie currently in the US eating as many burgers as I can)”


“Texas Brisket.

I visited Austin, TX last summer and have seriously considered moving there to be near the brisket.”


“Burgers. Ribs. Hot dogs.

I love your heart disease food.”

Yeah, we’re kind of partial to it ourselves.

Then someone let slip our best kept secret.

24 hour breakfast joints.

waffle house

“I went to the US for a course once, and then after we closed for the day we went drinking, and after we were rather happy we ended up at a 24/7 place called Waffle House.

It is my spiritual home. When I die and go to heaven, that is where you will find me.”

There is an old saying that over the years I have found to be completely true.

The prices have changed but you’ll get the idea.

“A five dollar breakfast will ruin a hunnert dollar drunk every time”.

That ain’t no joke.

Waffle House, Denny’s, Shari’s, IHOP, they have all ruined a few good drunks in years past.

There was always something special about Hash Browns and Gravy at Three in the morning…

Author: Papa Mike