NYC’s Corrupt Mayor De Blasio Used $3 Million Counterterrorism Plane to Fly Home From Canadian Vacation

Bill de Blasio, the Communist Democrat Mayor of New York City, used a $3 million counterterrorism plane to fly home from his Canadian vacation Thursday.

The New York Post reported:

The NYPD used a $3 million counterterrorism plane to shuttle Mayor Bill de Blasio back and forth from his Canada vacation to the Big Apple for an event Thursday, The Post has learned.

Hizzoner, who is in Quebec on a weeklong respite, briefly flew back to the Bronx for a memorial for slain Detective Miosotis Familia.

“NYPD is transporting him in their plane,” de Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips told The Post.

“Their plane” is a Cessna 208 Caravan that cost roughly $3 million and was picked up by the department in 2017, sources said.

The high-tech aircraft is outfitted with special sensors that can detect at a distance radioactive material used to make “dirty bombs.”

Police sources questioned the use of a special plane for mayoral transportation.

“It is very unusual to go on an international flight to go pick up the mayor,” one source said.

“I think it’s excessive, because that wasn’t what that plane was designed to do. It’s designed for counterterrorism measures. To go to Canada to get the mayor? It’s excessive.”

De Blasio spox, Eric Phillips insisted this is the first time the NY Mayor used the airplane.

It is also unclear who decided de Blasio could use the airplane or how much it cost taxpayers. Why did he use this plane when a commercial flight costs only about $300.

SOURCE:  The Gateway Pundit

2 thoughts on “NYC’s Corrupt Mayor De Blasio Used $3 Million Counterterrorism Plane to Fly Home From Canadian Vacation

  1. John h

    You’re probably didn’t cost much more than $300 in fuel and pilot time to fly am home the price of the aircraft has zero to do with it
    John h

  2. John h

    Whoever invented auto correct should be strung up if they can’t do a better job than that I didn’t have a toothbrush in my mouth.
    Anyway the point was it didn’t cost that much more for him to use a state owned asset versus commercial flight
    John h
    Yes i owned a flight school for 12 years and know what it cost to operate a Cessna 208.

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