Testing Walmart

Gun rights activists in Texas are testing Walmart’s request not to open-carry in stores by doing just that.

David Amad, the vice president of Open Carry Texas, told The New York Times the 38,000 members of his group have openly carried their guns inside Walmart stores since the retailer announced last week it is “respectfully requesting” customers to no longer openly bring guns into its stores.

He said none of the members who have done so have been asked to leave.


I’ve shifted as much of my shopping to the other grocery store in Lafayette, but I’ve been to Walmart a couple times since they’ve announced their decision to not allow open carry in their stores. In a small town, there’s some things that only Walmart carries unless I want to travel 40 miles and I just don’t have that kind of gas budget.
But I’m still seeing the same amount of people carrying their firearms openly, nobody’s nervous, the employees aren’t freaking out, and there’s still no sign on the door telling folks not to open carry.

Author: Papa Mike


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