The NFL Has Lost A LOT Of Fans!


Roger Goodell just announced that NFL players will stand for the national anthem. He didn’t say whether it was OK for them to link arms or that they had to put their hands over their heart. This may have been one of the reasons.

The NFL is not just losing white viewers. The NFL isn’t just losing black viewers. No, the NFL is hemorrhaging viewers of all races and ages, and they’re doing so at a frightening pace.

With the NFL’s Week 4 in the rear-view mirror, a review of TV ratings through the league’s first month show that the NFL has lost millions of viewers year-over-year, a decline that has picked up speed so far this year. As Awful Announcing recently put it, “It seems everyone is mad at the NFL.”

Overall, viewership is down seven percent over 2016, which is bad enough for the league. However, this year’s slippage is not the first. Indeed, 2016 — the year of the first national anthem protests — saw a nine percent decline over 2015.

The NFL could have and should have addressed this last year when Colon Krapperdick and some other Africans started this bullshit but they were afraid of a Negro rebellion. Then, they doubled down on their idiocy when Trump called them out and they staged massive protests with owners joining in the protest. That’s why we saw Jerry Jones kneeling with his players and Arthur Blank arm in arm with his. Two of the founders of Home Depot live in Atlanta. Bernie Marcus, who’s a Republican, gave us the Georgia Aquarium and an addition to Shepherd Center. Blank, who’s a Dimocrat, bought the Falcons and gave us Michael Vick.

White viewers saw the most significant declines. The loss is especially important because white fans make up the bulk of the NFL’s followers.

Sumpin’ the owners should have realized when the Africans started these silly protests due to myths like “Hands up, don’t shoot”. Siding with the Africans was giving the bird to their best fans. You would think that guys who made billions in business would understand that the customer is always right.

Numbers fell in every single demo among whites for both male and female viewers, with viewership off in the important youth by the steepest margin of 14 percent. The result is a loss of a million white viewers over Week 4 of 2016. And 2016 was itself a loss of two million viewers over that of 2015.

However, though the national anthem protests are thought to favor African American sentiments, the NFL lost black viewers in every single demo as well. The declines in the important 18-34 and 35-54 brackets saw the most significant losses, with a 14 percent and 11 percent loss respectively. The over age 55 bracket was the only demo to stay relatively unchanged, though it saw a small 1 percent decline.

That last puts the lie to my latest troll, NFL Fan (who prolly isn’t. Libs don’t watch much football) who said it was only the old crackers like myself who quit watching and as soon as we die off there won’t be a problem.

Also. the networks, run by social justice warriors thought it would be a good idea to televise these protests. They used to never show the anthem except at big events like the playoffs and Super Bowl. Now they did which only pissed off fans even more. At the start of the Detoilet Lions versus the Falcons game, they had an African sing the national anthem. At the very end, when he hit “brave” he took a knee and raised his fist in the black power salute. Asshole! Since then Fox and ESPN decided not to show the national anthem. However, ESPN did it after Las Vegas thinking the players would show respect, but the 49’ers took a knee. How’s your attendance going 49’ers? For that matter, how’s the attendance going at the two Los Angeles teams? Empty stadiums.

In four short weeks the NFL has gone from the most popular sport in America to the least popular. Pretty amazing accomplishment. And the poll numbers are prolly even worse than what is being published. Direct TV is allowing people to cancel their NFL package and giving refunds. Fans are asking for refunds on their season tickets. Jerry Jones was the first to tell his players that if they knelt for the anthem, they would sit for the game. Then, Goodell announced that the players would have to stand. Of course, there is so far no policy in place to deal with the players who refuse to stand. He said he would have to discuss that with the players union. Good luck with that. Better get on that soon. Some Africans have already announced that they “ain’t gonna stand”.

The fans will accept nothing short of the players standing with their hands on their hearts. None of this arm in arm crap.

The NFL brand has been badly tarnished especially after Trump called them out and they showed their disdain for not only Trump but for their fans. Will they be able to recover? We’ll see what happens. Expect the Africans to revolt. We may see teams forfeiting games. It may even go as far as a strike if the NFL starts hitting them with fines and suspensions. Bring it on semi-literate thugs! You need us far more than we need you. Remember the last time you went on strike? The owners just got replacement players. There are an awful lot of people who want to be professional football players. The average career in the NFL lasts five years. Take a year off and see how that works out for you.

The NAACP has gotten involved and calls this a free speech issue. Male bovine excrement! Employers have the right to limit the speech of their employers. I expect Al Sharpton to get involved as well. Whatever happens, it will be the Africans who suffer and they brought it upon themselves. African football players are not very bright.

Years down the road this will be taught in marketing classes as well as those other classic marketing failures, New Coke, and Playboy deciding to eliminate nudity. I’d ask Heffner how that worked out but he’s finally dead and gone. He was as big a slimeball as Harvey Weinstein and BJ Clinton.

I wonder what’s gonna happen tonight on Thursday Night Football? Monday Night Football’s ratings were really in the tank. People may watch tonight just to see what the Africans do and what the NFL’s response will be.

Liberals are laughing their asses off since they have been trying to destroy the NFL for the last ten years. Now they have African useful idiots helping them. These booger eatin’ moh-rons don’t realize that they are killing the golden goose. No big deal. America has moved on. Good luck NFL. Let this be a lesson. You don’t piss off your fans!!!

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  1. I am a 80 year old lady and I couldn’t agree you more.I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE! You have common sence. None of which those Bozos on that field can say.

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