They Call Themselves “The Religion Of PEACE”….

Sharia Court In Indian-Controlled Kashmir Issuing Decrees Against Christians…

Muslim-Majority = Christian persecution.

( – India’s Christian minority has long faced harassment at the hands of militant Hindus, but in the Indian-controlled portion of Muslim-majority Kashmir the threat is coming from Islamic fundamentalists.

A shari’a court in Srinagar, capital of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, has issued a decree expelling four pastors from the territory, after accusing them of using financial inducements to convert young Muslims to Christianity.

Although the court has no legal jurisdiction over non-Muslims, political parties have reportedly remained silent; Indian churches have been alone in protesting the ruling.

“Surprisingly the political class has not spoken a word about it [the court ruling], which is disastrous,” Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India president Cardinal Oswald Gracias said this week.

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