Toilet Paper WARS: Florida Man And Woman Buy ENTIRE DOLLAR TREE STORE Supply Of Toilet Paper!…….VIDEO


I would send a “Swat Team” to these NARCISSISTIC, ARROGANT, SELF CENTERED idiots ASAP and take them, and the TOILET PAPER, 🧻 back to where they bought it and then make them walk back home……Please try and forward this message to everyone you know via email, text, tweet, Facebook and any other “Social Media” that you use. Maybe then Corporate “Dollar Tree” will have their outlets to strictly enforce a limit on toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, water, or any other product that’s in such very high demands! What also blows my mind is why ALL RETAIL stores across the entire U.S. NOT enforcing a “LIMIT” on these items that these “lowlifes” love to HOARD…  EVERYONE should have a chance to buy these products. Maybe then our store shelves would have enough of everything for EVERYONE!………..Papa Mike 



But in this time of great national crisis caused by the Chinese Virus ( It’s called the “CORONAVIRUS” Papa Mike) is more important now than ever before to remain united in any way possible.

One thing that 99% of Americans agree on is buying more than your fair share of toilet paper and preventing other families from getting ANY during the possibility of government-forced lockdowns is incredibly wrong and selfish.

A Florida man and woman clearly didn’t care about the needs of others when they decided to buy every single box of toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues from a Dollar Tree store.