Too Much Hatred And As Usual It Comes From “DIMocrats”



Yannow how the left is always accusing those of us on the right of being hateful and mean spirited? Of course that’s projection since most of the hatred always seems to come from the left and with the elction of Trump it’s gotten worse.

When Obungler was elected we got the Tea Party. Remember all the riots they created? Neither do I. All of their protests were peaceful. Of course, the left tried to cast the Tea Party as racist since the narrative was that any opposition to Hussein Obama was racist. The Congressional Black Caucus even walked through a Tea Party protest trolling for racist remarks. Since there were none civil rights icon racist pig John Lewis made up the story that he was called “nigger” thirteen times. He lied. There were countless videos taken at that protest and none of them proved his story. That’s when I lost any respect I might have had for the man. That’s when he officially became a racist pig.

Now we have Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Both of them are hate groups. Both of them are responsible for violent protests and riots. No one would have died at Charlottesville if Antifa hadn’t shown up. BLM has been responsible for the killing of cops and now they are in the process of destroying the NFL.

All of the violence at Trump rallies were caused by Bernie’s Brown Shirts. Trump even had to cancel a rally in Chicago for fear of violence from the left.

With the shooting in Vegas the hatred of the left is really on display on social media. One leftist moron on Twitter hoped that all Trump supporters would die. Really? This compassionate leftist wants sixty-three million people to die? I hate Thunder Rodent Thighs but I don’t want her supporters to die. I think they should get help for their mental disorder as liberalism is a mental disease, but I certain don’t want them to die.

We had a CBS executive, now fired, who had no sympathy for the people shot in Vegas since they were prolly Republicans and deserved to die. What kind of people think like this?

I have never seen the country this divided nor have I ever seen this amount of vitriol directed at a president or his supporters. We on the right despised Obama, but we didn’t dream about or desire him being assassinated like those on the left do about Trump (and did about Bush 43). It makes me wonder, what is wrong with these people? Where does all of this hatred come from?

We have had leftist comedians (Jimmy Kimmel STOP your CRYING and stick with COMEDY! Papa Mike ) making fun of Republicans before but not with the viciousness that we see now. I gave up watching SNL when they went all in for Thunder Rodent Thighs but from what I hear now, they have gotten far worse. Michael Che called Trump a bitch and a cheap cracker on the air but that’s OK. He’s black and blacks can be racists and bigots and get away with it.

Stephen Colbert on his show called Trump “Putin’s cock holster”. Have you guys no shame?

What is wrong with these people? They lost an election and they have become totally unhinged. Maybe it is time to split the country in two. Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to move if we did and a lot of liberals would leave Georgia. Blacks would too (There I go being racist) as welfare would be abolished.

It would be nice to see civil rights icon racist pig John Lewis move since his political career in Georgia would be over.


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