VIDEO=> Donald Trump Does HILARIOUS Impression of ‘Crooked’ Hillary in Connecticut

Did YOU guys really find the video below of Donald Trump HILLARIOUS as the Gateway Pundit says it does? I didn’t as much as crack a smile! Didn’t Trump announce he was going to start acting MORE Presidential and talk about all the issues that America needs him to discuss. Is he bringing out the many ways of how Hillary would NOT be a good President, and then back it up with factual examples of “why not”? Did he even talk about, again with FACTS, why she has LIED most of her “political life”? Did he talk about while the “Hildabeast” was Secratary Of State why she had NO accomplishments during that time, but had too many FAILURES to possibly name them all? HELL NO, HELL NO, HELL NO!….The man has no clue because the very little he does know, and I quote him word for word, “I get all my news about everything from the evening news”……That’s the extent of his knowledge on “Political Current Affairs”! Bias LIBRAL Network News from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and the one Conservative Cable Network, FOXNews, the major Liberal newspapers, New York Times, Boston Globe, and Washington Post and hopefully a few Conservative writers at the Chicago Tribune, the New York Post, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Dallas Morning News, and the Wall Street Journal.

Below is the VIDEO that they say,” Donald Trump performed a hilarious Hillary Clinton impression” See if you can spot all the “HILARIOUS IMPRESSIONS”……..Papa Mike

HILARIOUS VIDEO BELOW? Good luck and watch carefully for the HILARIOUS part or parts!

Author: Papa Mike