Wonderful Women, Malevolent Men (showing a wish to do evil to others.)


Ok, this is a bit over the top to make a point, but those self righteous liberal women are making me sick. Tell me what you think:

I’m so glad that there are no women who use their sexuality to get what they want. I’m so pleased there are no prostitutes or strippers, no adult film stars, no starlets seducing directors and no junior executives trying to sleep their way to the top. Thankfully there are no devious women trying to steal husbands away from their wives and kids, and zero women who would purposefully get pregnant in hopes of snaring a husband. And with everything happening on the Internet, I am so glad there are not tens of thousands of women taking off their clothes, having sex or hosting live porn sites simply to make money. Most of all, I am especially pleased that there are no women who wait decades to make unsubstantiated sexual harassment or assault claims to make money or advance political agendas, without giving a single thought of the lives they ruin. Yes, those terrible men are the only ones who use sex for nefarious purposes, and they are to be reviled. All women are wonderful. 


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Author: Papa Mike


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