WTH…? Bill and Hillary Spotted Flying Commercial? (VIDEO)

This is probably the closest the two of them have been in a long time…

Is this Hillary’s attempt at looking like a ‘woman of the people’ rather than the Democrat elitist she really is?

Rumors are swirling at a potential Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential bid so perhaps she’s trying to rub elbows with some commoners.

Hillary Clinton attempted to look more humble her second run for president and occasionally flew commercial during the campaign after being criticized for flying private.

A fellow traveler spotted Bill and Hillary Clinton sitting First Class on a Delta flight this weekend.

It is unclear where they were traveling to.

At the end of the video, Bill Clinton looks up and realizes he is being recorded.

As others have noted, notice how they can travel without the fear of being attacked by Trump supporters.

In contrast, Trump officials and Trump supporters are always at risk of being violently attacked by unhinged leftists.



Author: Papa Mike


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