‘Yay For America!’ Dem Wins ‘Make You Feel Better About the Country Today’ ‘View’ Hosts Gush



How can we take Behar seriously about ANYTHING when she calls “Sexual Assult” victims TRAMPS!!!…….Papa Mike


On Wednesday, ABC’s The View began the show with a much more enthusiastic opening than they typically do, as the hosts raved to the excited audience, that Democrats had won races in several key states during last night’s election. Suggesting the election results were a “rebellion” against Trump and his policies, the hosts gushed that America seemed to be heading back on track. “It makes you feel better about the country today,” co-host Joy Behar gushed.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began the show announcing that New Jersey and Virginia had elected their democrat candidates for governor, to loud cheers from the liberal audience.

“Some say this is a rebellion against the guy in the White House, but the guy in the White House says Gillespie lost because ‘he didn’t embrace me.’ So one wonders, which is it?” Whoopi posed.

“Well neither did Melania frankly,” Behar quipped as the other hosts laughed, and Meghan McCain rolled her eyes.

Sara Haines pointed out that half of the voters in Virginia who came out seemed to be voting against Trump, revealing he was a “factor” in their vote, and they opposed him at a 2 to 1 margin. “So I think in that instance, it might be,” Haines suggested. “But what really excited me actually and I think everyone can get board on, was this was the highest turn out for a gubernatorial race in over 20 years. It was at a 20 year low in 2016, just over half voting. This was up. It was the highest. So it means people are participating and that’s the most important part,” she concluded.

“There were more women who voted this time than did for Hillary Clinton even because women are beginning to see that elections have consequences,” Behar claimed, bringing it back to Trump as always.

“Yes!” Sunny Hostin cheered, as the audience clapped.


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